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As a visitor on you can read articles about odds and betting. The goal is for you to be able to deepen your knowledge in odds and betting in general and online sports betting in particular. We do also offer articles about major sport events where we try to find interesting approaches. We are experts in all aspects of sports betting so if you as a visitor wants us to write an article for a specific area you are more than welcome to give us suggestions on a subject to write about.

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What is Cash Out and how does it work?

Betting companies are working hard to optimize their offering for their customers, and one of these is the latest functions within betting the cash-out option. This popular feature ... Read more

Sports betting with the unit system » All you need to know

The unit system is widely used in the betting world. Today, almost all betting sites that offer betting tips use units in their evaluations. However, units are not just for people ... Read more

Live Betting » Best live sport betting sites

Did you know that you can bet on any number of things currently going on in a game or a match? That’s right, with live betting you can place bets on tons of things that might ... Read more

What is an Asian Handicap? A complete guide to all Asian Handicaps!

Asian handicap rules out the possibility of a draw, leaving only a win or draw as an option. The betting company will give both teams a handicap at the beginning go the match. This ... Read more

Sport Streaming -­ Live Streaming using Betting Sites

In this article we will take a look at the different live streaming options for sports that betting sites have to offer. When the match you have bet on is not aired on TV, then ... Read more

Spread Betting

Spread betting is a fun form of gambling. Many players have highlighted other advantages, like better payout and a faster tempo compared to games with more traditional odds. This ... Read more

Odds Exchanges

In recent years we have seen a surge in popularity in something called odds exchanges. One of the biggest betting companies that offer games via odds exchanges is Betfair. In this ... Read more

Betfair Exchange

Betfair Exchange is the world's largest Internet betting exchange. In this article we explain the concept of Betfair Exchange and why it has become so successful and popular among ... Read more

Sure Bets

Believe it or not, there is a type of bet in the sports betting world that is actually a sure thing. You will win. These types of bets are called sure bets and they are exactly ... Read more

Soccer Betting

With soccer being the world’s most popular sport, it’s no doubt that betting on it is a pretty big deal also! But if you want in on the fun of betting on soccer, you shouldn’t just ... Read more

Bankroll management for sports betting

Many players think they can sign up with a great sports betting service, get great advice and relax making millions of sports betting for the rest of their lives. While it is true ... Read more

Ice Hockey Betting

Similar to betting on soccer or baseball, betting on ice hockey is a great way for sports bettors to vary their options and collect some great winnings. Ice hockey is very similar ... Read more

How to Evaluate Sports Betting Bonuses

So, you just watched the Detroit Lions defeat the New England Patriots in the worlds biggest upset. You must be thinking to yourself if I just would of bet on that game I would be ... Read more

Finding a Great Casino Bonus

There are hundreds of online casinos out there and sometimes choosing one can be a big decision. One thing that might help sway you to one room or another is the type of bonus ... Read more

Black Jack Rules and Strategy

There are no two ways about it: Black Jack is one of the most fun and entertaining table games there is. Due to its ease of play and excellent odds, Black Jack is without a doubt ... Read more

Betting on Tennis

Wagering on tennis is probably not the most popular form of sports betting in the world, but it can be an excellent way to make money betting on sports. Someone with an astute eye ... Read more