Australien Open

The Australian Open is one of 4 Grand Slam Tournaments. It is played during two weeks in January each year. It is played on hard court in Melbourne and is very well liked. It is popular to bet on tennis, which is also one of the world’s most played sports. The Australian Open gets a lot of coverage, from both the media and betting different companies. It is most common to bet on match winner, winner of first set and set betting. Since tennis is the most played sport in the world, the betting companies offer several more options for betting along with different free bet offers and campaigns, which you can find on this page. On this page you will also be able to check out articles and news leading up to and during the Australian Open.

The predecessor to the Australian Open was played for the first time in 1880 and went under the name of the Australian Championships. When the Australiasian Lawn Tennis Association was founded in 1904, the tournament became international. The new association was founded as a way of bringing Australia and New Zealand together to compete internationally. However, New Zealand left the association during the start of the 1920s. A few years later, in 1927, the tournament was moved to Kooyang from the Warehousemen’s Cricket Club and the name was changed to the Australian Championships. It was in the year 1969 that the tournament opened it’s door for professionals and was therefore named the Australian Open. The tournament eventually started to lose its status within the world of tennis, partly because of poor facilities. There was a worry that the association would no longer be a Grand Slam Tournament, so in 1985 it was decided to build the Melbourne Park, where the tournament is held to this day.

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