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Best German betting sites

Overview of the German sports betting sites & offers

Online sports betting is as common in Germany as is the Frankfurter and well designed cars so it is no surprise that the online betting community is thriving in this market. There are many options to choose from, with some licensed and others unlicensed. For more information in German, visit Mywettbonus.de

Sports betting sites in Germany

There is a large amount of websites to choose from if you are looking to place bets on Germany that offer players a variety of odds, sports, bonuses and promotions for players to choose from that let bettors choose how they would like to get in on the action. This is a great thing for the large amount of German players.


MyBet is a local German website, so to speak, who focus their options on recreational players in German speaking countries. This is apparent with the focus on the market’s major sports including ice hockey, football and handball. Where this site really excels is German football due to their heavy focus on the market. They not only cover the top divisions that are widely known, but they even cater to the lowest levels of the sport so that you will always be able to bet on your local team.


Interwetten is a German betting site that is known for their great odds on favorites in matches that will be sure to keep players enticed. Although they are a German site, that does not limit the scope of their options as they allow players to bet on events in 50+ countries with a large number of events to choose from around the world.  They are known for having great betting promotions for players both new and returning, making it a great option.


Betway is a great option for those looking to place their bets online as they have 28 sports for players to choose from. They offer the option to bet on all of the major sports that you can think of and also have marginal sports for those looking to get a leg up on a more niche market. They also offer a variety of card and e-wallet payment options so that you will be able to bet in whichever way is easiest for you.

Welcome bonuses & Free bets for German players

There is a multitude of welcome bonuses and free bets available for players. One of the most common is a free bet equal to the amount that you deposit for the first time upon joining the site. Not only do they have options for new players, but they have them for continuing players as well. One of the most common of these is enhanced odds on certain matches if you make a particular bet on a match.

The legal situation of sports betting in Germany

The legal situation of sports betting in German is a mixed bag as it is currently not possible to be nationally licensed in the country. However, some states allow certain types of betting while others do not. Due to this situation, many of the sites are licensed in Malta instead and are able to offer their services to German players.

Common sports to bet on in Germany

Germany is dominated by two sports when it comes to betting: football and horse racing. Both of these sports have a long history of popularity in the country so this should come as no surprise. Other popular events to bet on include handball, ice hockey and basketball.

FAQ Sports betting in Germany

If you are looking for the quick catch up on the sports betting situation in Germany then we have you covered. You will find out what you need to know before taking the plunge into sports betting in Germany.

Is sports betting legal in Germany?

Sports betting is not licensed nationwide, however some states allow it and players are also able to choose from a number of sites that are not based within the country’s borders.

Can I play with the euro?

Euros are the most widely accepted currency on German betting sites, and in some cases, the euro is the only option that players can use to play on the site.

What deposit and withdrawal methods can I use as a German?

German players can use all major credit and debit cards along with the major e-wallets, although some sites have fewer options than others so always check to be sure that your favourite option is available.

Are German players taxed on winnings?

Starting in 2012 all sports betting in Germany is taxed 5% on stakes bet. An upside is that some sites will absorb some or all of the tax to make sure that players can stay in the game.