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Sports Betting Sites in USA

A guide to the best sports betting sites in USA

Comparing the Best Sports Betting Sites for you

It’s easy to lose time traipsing through the vast amount of online sports betting sites that all seem, from first view, to be much of a muchness. Time that could actually be better spent wagering and earning yourself a few bucks, we reckon.

So, that’s why we’ve done the majority of the work for you already with our guide in all things sports betting sites in the States. We’ve got your back. Be it finding the best online sports betting sites for putting money on the NFL, the betting sites that deal best in Poker, or even the betting sites to take a check as a means of payment, consider the research already done.

We’ve done the majority of the work for you already with our guide in all things sports betting sites in the States.

As avid users of many of the leading sports betting websites across the US ourselves, we can point you in the right direction when it comes to opting for the sign up offers and all of the deposit bonuses, free bets, mobile bonuses and matched bets that best suit your needs.

This is your gateway to the top sports betting sites in the US and, fingers crossed, the start of a prosperous betting career. However, if you want more information and expertise regarding US gambling, visit

How to know if an online sports betting website is legit

As in any walk of life, there’s always somebody trying to pull the other one, but with the potential risk of sensitive information finding its way into the wrong hands, this is by far the most important decision you should be making when starting to use sports betting sites.

Make it your priority to consider longevity when it comes to determining if a sports betting site is 100% trustworthy or not. If you have an inkling of doubt or sense that a particular site isn’t who they say they are, then, more often than not, you’re probably right.

The list we’ve put together below consists of the most reputable sports betting websites around and, most importantly, they have all been on the betting circuit for a significant amount of time.

We promise not to tie you to a chair, tickle your feet and demand you to stick to the sports betting sites we’ve listed (although we’ve thought about it).

But with so many new online sports betting sites popping up on the back of sports betting becoming more and more popular, you’ll be in safe hands choosing one of the tried and tested, that’s for sure.

The top sports betting sites in the USA and when they were established:

  • Bovada - 2011
  • - 2004
  • - 2012
  • Bookmaker - 1985
  • GT Bets - 2011
  • 5Dimes - 1996
  • Intertops – 1983
  • Betway (used in the US) - 2006

How to find the best sports betting sites?

We’ve all been there. Searching Netflix for what feels like an eternity in search of a film that ticks all the boxes. Or at the bar deciding which one of the countless craft beers to order next. It seems these days we have just too much choice.

The same applies to the amount of sports betting sites currently available online. Each will promise this bonus and those odds but at the end of the day, the site has to match your taste and what you value most.

For instance, you may be interested in just straight forward, no frills sports betting. Laying your money on a team to win or score a certain amount of points or goals.

How early and how quickly odds are released may be essential to you, after all the better the odds, the higher the potential returns.

The range of sports you want to wager on may range from basketball to boxing, while you may be tempted to also bet some spare cash by hitting up the Casino or playing poker. No doubt you’ll want to be able to bet on both in the same place and you’re looking for your sportsbook to feature all by way of convenience.

Perhaps the promotions and bonuses available after signing up will influence your decision – this tends to be the one main factor that entices new customers. I mean, who doesn’t like the prospect of free money huh?

Granted, there’s a lot to consider and it’s also possible, as a beginner especially, that you don’t actually know what it is you’re actually after at first with your betting habits, as yet, unknown.

Just remember that no two online sports betting sites are the same so whichever you settle on will offer something unique. Whether its unique to you or not, is another matter but the vast number of sports betting sites out there suggests you’ll certainly find what it is you’re looking for.

Factors to consider when finding the best sports betting sites:

  • The range of sports/events featured from day to day
  • Competitiveness of odds and lines offered
  • How early odds are released
  • How user-friendly the sportsbook is
  • The speed at which deposits and payout are processed
  • The different methods available for depositing and withdrawing funds
  • Whether live sports betting is available*
  • Whether the sportsbook owns an app on required platform
  • Attractive promotions and bonuses
  • Secondary betting platforms available – Poker/Casino
  • Good level of customer support

Top sports betting sites for live betting in the USA

No longer is it the case of only being able to bet pre-match. With smartphones now serving as mini-computers in our pockets, rarely does a sports fan watch a match without consulting his/her mobile device for the very latest in-game odds.

The option of wagering on a game as its taking place has taken sports betting onto the next level, allowing bettors to hedge money on the latest odds in line with what is directly happening in the game. As well as creating even more of an interest in the match, the ability to bet in-play brings about the prospect of winning instantly, or, certainly at a quicker rate you would waiting for the end of the game say.

Your personality could have a bearing on whether this appeals to you, with this method more appealing to ‘chancers’ and those willing to take a risk in return for high returns. Meanwhile, other players prefer to bet more strategically, with a lot more research and rationale, the idea of impromptu betting extremely unappealing.

What to look for from your NFL sportsbook?

Alongside, the NBA and MLB, the NFL is the focal point of American sport and is renowned for being part of everyday life stateside. The popularity of the sport has rocketed in the past decade especially, while it’s also on its way to building a name for itself overseas, spreading its wings over in England in particular with the staging of matches in London now a regular in-season occurrence.

One of the reasons for the NFL flourishing in other countries the way it has, is owed much to The Superbowl, an annual play-off match which pits the winners of each conference, the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC) against one another to determine the overall season champion.

The game is by far one of the most watched sporting events globally – the 2018 edition between New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons attracted a TV audience of 103.4 million, only the UEFA Champions League Final seen in soccer can pull such an audience share.

Best sports betting sites for NFL:

  • Bovada
  • GT Bets
  • 5Dimes

The Best NFL Betting Sites have variety

Gone are the days when the basis of your bet centered solely around whether one team was going to beat the other. Of course, this method remains as popular as ever and is still one of the most common methods bettors wager on today

But as we all know, variety is the key to life. The scale of various scenarios you can now try to predict which doesn’t involve you calling the outcome of a game, seemingly has no bounds in NFL betting.

So, as well as having the option to wager on over/unders, point spreads, futures and/or totals for a game, there’s the choice of spicing your betting up with what are known as, ‘Prop Bets’. These are recognized as bets more headed toward the statistical side of the game.

Here, it’s not an exaggeration to say that you’re able to make a call on pretty much anything (within reason), you feel could happen within the match. From halftime lines to quarterlines, how the first points are scored, first player to score a touchdown, whether a non-offensive player will score, winning margins, first player to be ejected, the timing of key events. The list is continuous, but you get the drift.

In addition to having more scope to make money, the variety of options gives you added flexibility and makes for an all-round more interesting experience for everybody.

How to find the Best Online Casino sites in the USA

Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas is, hands down, the undisputed gambling capital in America. The place is awash with casinos to satisfy all of your gambling desires several times over. Be it sports betting, slots machines, poker - you name it, Vegas has it, and on some scale too!

But nowadays you don’t necessarily have to walk along the 4 mile famous strip or experience the glitz and the glamour to win big at the tables (though it surely has to be on the bucket list!)

The extensive array of casinos and poker sites now available online means chips can be laid, cards turned and raises made, all from a click of a button in the comfort of your own home.

As is the case with online sports betting sites though, there are certain matters that need to be taken into consideration before you spin that wheel or see the river.

Fear not though, we have all the tips, as well as the dos and the don’ts when it comes to deciding the online casino right for you.

Firstly, don’t be put off by the threat of prosecution through playing at casinos online. Many of the sites are set up overseas in locations where online gambling is legal in order to counter the laws which currently prohibit the majority of Americans from wagering at an online casino.

Even if you may not entirely be adhering to the laws set by the state, there is no US federal law against gambling online so it’s extremely unlikely, in fact, almost impossible to be prosecuted for casino gambling.

  • Safety first

Making sure your preferred online casino is reputable and regulated by a gambling authority, should always be your number one priority.

With such a collection of casino websites available on the internet, it’s easy to make the mistake of picking a good-for-nothing site - some from first appearance can be very impressive at drawing you in and eventually conning you out of a lot of money so always keep your guard up.

  • All-in-one site or Casino specific?

You need to ask yourself if you want an all-encompassing site that offers it all (i.e sports betting, casinos, poker), or a standalone specific casino site. There’s no rule to say your online casino of choice must be different from your sports betting site.

Some prefer it this way to experience how another company does things and, of course, take advantage of new promotions upon sign-up. Others, would rather use just the one site for all their needs, especially if they’ve built up their trust in the company.

  • Gaming options

If you’ve signed up to a site solely to play at an online casino, then you’re surely going to want an array of games to choose from. The best sites offer them all – Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Craps, Keno, Faro, Pai Gow, video poker.

  • Bonuses & Promotions

At the heart of your decision however, will ultimately be the competitiveness of the sign-up offers and how many extra free chips and/or plays you will be afforded when a first deposit is made. They’re likely to only be usable on slot machines but the chance of having something for free will always win the day, even if you are out of luck!

Our most recommended sites based on the criteria discussed:

  • Bovada Casino
  • Café Casino
  • Lucky Red
  • Liberty Slots Casinio
  • Planet Casino
  • CasinoMax
  • Ignition Casino

Best Betting Sites for Playing Poker Online

As you’ve probably grasped by now there’s quite a bit of confusion surrounding the issue of sports betting sites and online betting as a whole in the US.

It’s true that officially-licensed real money online poker games are only able to be played legally in three states - Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey.

Aspiring poker players in the remaining 47 states have to resort to offshore poker sites. Here, residents can operate freely in the jurisdictions in which the website operates, with Bitcoin used more and more frequently to bypass American money transfer laws.

As is the case with online sports betting though, the legal restrictions in place currently are set to be relaxed in the near future which should, in theory, make the whole subject of online gambling more transparent.

With all the legalities semi cleared up, it’s vital you consider the following points before you go all-in on deciding your home for poker.

BookiesBonuses Seven Point Guide to choosing your poker home:

Check the poker site is licensed and secure

It may look the part but don’t let this blind you. Has it been independently regulated? Make sure it has to avoid the worry of your credit card number being compromised.

How quick will you be paid out?

You experience the buzz of winning but it takes an age to receive your money? If they’re as reliable as they claim to be, there should be no issue when it comes to being paid what you’re owed, quickly. Always check for the sites that offer fast payouts.

Wide range of payment options

The site you choose should cater for all methods of payment, this is 2018 after all! From Paypal to Bitcoin, to e-transfer and eCheck, you should be able to smoothly deposit money through your preferred method.

Top notch gaming software

You need to have 100% confidence in the gaming software being used to ensure a trouble-free gaming experience. When the stakes are so high, making sure the site is super reliable and unlikely to crash is crucial.

Customer service

A point that is often undervalued when it comes to betting online but having access to a customer service team who respond quickly and resolve any issues effectively is of great importance.

Variety of games

There’s more to Poker than just Texas Hold ‘Em believe it or not. Omaha, Seven-card Stud or Razz are also popular variations that you may want to play and should be featured on the site you choose.

Deposit bonus

Most significant for many is the size of bonus received upon sign-up and how that bonus is earned. Big bonus offers won by a simple means tends to light the eyes of many with dollar signs.

Luckily for you, us kind folk at BookiesBonuses have already compiled a list of some of the best rated poker sites in America based on the points above.

BookiesBonuses 10 best rated poker sites:

  • Ignition Poker
  • Betway
  • 888 Poker
  • BetOnline Poker
  • Bovada Poker
  • Sportsbetting Poker
  • Black Chip Poker
  • Americas Cardroom
  • Intertops Poker
  • True Poker

FAQ - US betting sites

Am I risking breaking the law by gambling online?

In a word, no. Gambling online is perfectly legal under the federal law. However, you do run the risk of breaking the law set by the state you are in by gambling but prosecution is extremely uncommon.

Which states is online gambling 100% legal?

Currently, just three - Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey.

How do residents of the other 47 states still gamble then?

Many bypass state laws by using sportsbooks based outside of America entirely (offshore sites). This ensures financial transactions directly related to online gambling do not go through the banks of America.

How can I be sure the site I’m playing on is 100% safe?

Our safety guide gives you the definitive guide into guaranteeing safety online. But while this covers all bases, it’s also good practice to do a bit of your own homework and research into the longevity and integrity of an online sports betting site you may have in mind.

Does this mean new sites can’t be trusted?

Course, a new sportsbook could prove to be as trustworthy as some of the best sports betting sites to have been around for a couple of decades. But as with anything new, you’re a bit in the dark first of all. This is why we recommend using the sites we’ve listed, all of which are 100% legitimate and tested in all of the important areas.