Right now Pinnacle do not offer any bonus to new customers in the sportsbook. Instead of offering a welcome bonus they focus on providing the best odds online by adding the smallest "margin" to their odds.

Pinnacle may change their terms and conditions for the bonus at any time, thus it’s important that you always read the full terms and conditions on their website.
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0.3 Cashback

Join Pinnacle Casino and get unlimited 0.3% casino cashback. Your cashback will be credited to your account automatically after each bet and can be withdrawn at any time without restriction.

Pinnacle Review

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Briefly about Pinnacle

Pinnacle was founded in 1998 as a privately owned betting site and has since then grown to be one of the more influential companies on the online betting market. Today, they have clients in over a hundred countries and the website is viewable in 17 languages. Since the beginning, they have put a lot of effort into maintaining some of the best odds on the market, keeping their customers happy and maintaining a high level of transparency. The goal was to stay away from trying to entice players with fantastic offers, and to not charge anything for simple services like depositing and withdrawing funds. The idea was that the customers would be able to simply see the great odds and highly qualitative services they provide instead. They wanted to be a counterbalance to some of the other betting companies at the time, who only offered great registration­bonuses and not backing it up with quality services for loyal players. This has earned Pinnacle the reputation of being one of the best betting companies on the web, with very happy customers. With their unique style, they have managed to find a niche in a highly competitive market. Pinnacle has created a site that caters to both casual and serious players, although it's probably made in particular for the dedicated clientele. With high odds, low margins and very high bets allowed, the site has become an obvious choice for many serious players. Pinnacle has really managed to live up to the vision they set for the company back in 1998.

Pinnacle Betting

Pinnacle bonusPinnacle has a large arsenal of sports and games to bet on, in addition to a few more quirky options, like who will win the presidential election in the U.S. Everything from billiards to the biggest football leagues are also represented, but also a good range of e­sports. With the launch of Pinnacle in 2010, it became one of the first betting sites to offer customers the opportunity to get involved with the ever growing e­sports market. This section has expanded considerably, and it has even become larger than sports like golf and rugby in volume. In addition to the excellent range of different bets and high odds, they also have a high and generous limit to the allowed bet size. Many betting companies limit the size of bets, but Pinnacle has decided to go against the stream in that department and offer the highest ceiling on the market. For example, during the 2014 World Cup, you could place a one million dollar bet, and there are daily opportunities to place tens of thousand dollar bets per match on the more popular sports.

Pinnacle Casino

Pinnacle offer their players an online casino with a vast selection of games available, where they also have a live­casino in place with American and European roulette, baccarat, casino hold’em and blackjack. The casino also have several other alternatives like online slots, card games, bingo, keno, table games and video poker. There is something for everyone here.

Pinnacle Poker

Unfortunately Pinnacle does not have a poker section at this time, when their license was revoked in 2011 because of new rules within the EU for games and betting. Since then there has only been video poker available in the casino section.

Pinnacle Support

Pinnacle does not currently have a live chat implemented, but they offer a very straightforward mail function where you can easily get in touch with their customer support. This is their main customer service function and therefore it is open all hours of the day. To get an even better customer service experience, Pinnacle recommend existing customers to use a registered email address and customer­id for a faster service. They offer help in several different languages. You can also get in touch with them via facebook for general questions and also read up on news, events and different offers. In addition to this, they also have several helpful articles that not only explain functions and services but also help players make better choices with their bets. If you for some reason opt for snail mail, you can send it to their registered address: Pinnacle Sports Head Office Ragnarok Corporation N.V. Pletterijweg 43 Willemstad, Curaçao.

Pinnacle Finance

The available options for payment depends on the chosen currency and this can also affect fees and minimum and maximum deposits. All this info is easily accessible in a straightforward menu where the different options are available and what rules apply. Visa, Mastercard, Neteller and Skrill all work fine without a fee for deposits. This is an area where the transparency of Pinnacle’s services really show; there are no hidden or hard to see fees, everything is clear and easy to overview. The money will go straight to the account with all the options except for bank transfers, which usually takes 1­5 business days. However, you can't withdraw funds directly via Visa or Mastercard but Pinnacle has a reputation of having one of the fastest withdrawals on the market and all customers get one free withdrawal a month. For any additional withdrawals there is a fee attached, which you can view under “payment options” on the website. 

Pinnacle MOBILE

With an updated mobile platform and crisp menus it is both easy and fun to use the Pinnacle mobile website. Here you can do a lot of what the regular website has to offer. With the click of a button you can easily navigate between account settings and live­matches or place a bet without even logging in. Everything is tailor­made to suit the customer.

Pinnacle mobile

Pinnacle iPhone

The mobile website runs smoothly on all iOS units and work on both new and older units with the alternative of a WAP-­version of the website. Here you can easily get quick access to live­matches, casino games and sports betting, with no downloading required.

Pinnacle Android

Just like the iPhone the mobile website work just fine with all Android units and in addition to casino games and live­betting, Pinnacle offer a good selection of the biggest sports in the world for betting. And just like the iPhone there is no need to login to place a bet on the German league or the NHL and everything in between.

Pinnacle app

Instead of an app that needs to be downloaded, Pinnacle has decided on user compatibility with their smooth and easy to use mobile website that has a lot of what the regular website has to offer. 

Short information
  • Livestreaming PinnacleLive streaming
  • Pinnacle LiveoddsLive odds
  • Pinnacle Mobile bettingMobile betting
  • Expert tips PinnacleExpert tips


Pinnacle does not currently have a live stream service but they do have live odds on a number of sports. 

Pinnacle Live ODDS

You can easily bet on live odds on the regular website and the mobile version. With a good supply of live odds for the bigger sports and also to a large extent on e­sports, there is something for everyone and the fact that they have some of the best odds on the market makes it even better. 

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Bonus information


Pinnacle casino offer all customers a 0.3% cashback on all casino games. This amount is automatically deposited to your account every time you play and is withdrawable completely without restrictions. 

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