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French Open - Roland Garros

We usually have many names for the things we love, and when talking about the French Open, Les Internationaux de France, Tournoi de Roland Garros or simply Roland Garros; this is indeed the case. They are all pseudonyms for the French Open Championship in tennis. The French Open is the only one, out of four grand slam­tournaments being played on a clay court. Tennis is a very popular sport all around the world, and the French Open isno exception. At different betting companies, you will find a range of options for betting on the tournament every year. Just like in general when it comes to tennis, the most common ones are match winners, set winners, and set betting. The French Open attracts many viewers. Tv­channels air all the matches and there is also an option for live streaming matches. Because of the huge interest surrounding the tournament from both audience and betting companies, we have decided to gather all the French Open info on one page. In addition to free bets, offers and campaigns from several betting companies you can also read up on exciting news and interesting articles related to the tournament. 

The French Open is the only one out of four Grand Slam­tournaments being played on a clay court. The Tournament is hosted in Paris at Stade Roland Garros at the end of May­beginning of June every year. The first tennis championship was played in France at the Ile de Puteaux, Paris, as early as 1891. To begin with only French players could participate, and the only exception was if a player was a member of a French tennis club. This rule disappeared in 1925 and players from all over the world were welcome to participate. The building of Stade Roland Garros was finished in May 1928. The arena was built to hold 8000 spectators, and this number was increased in later years to 13 000. The tournament became open in 1968 and with this the first tournament was held there. The tournament has always been played on clay courts and this will probably remain the same. Rafael Nadal in particular, has been a highly skilled player on this surface. He has won the French Open a total of 9 times and one of the opponents he stole the title from has been none other than Roger Federer in four finals. 

Published: 2015-12-23

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French Open - Roland Garros

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