Handball in the UK has yet to reach the popularity the sport has seen in Germany, Spain and the Nordic countries to name a few. It's most common to bet on the Swedish Elitserien, the German Bundesliga or the Spanish Liga ASOBAL. Of course, betting companies also offer odds for the Handball Olympics and the World Cup, which is popular when it comes to betting. Popular game forms are match winners, double chance, draw no bet and number of scored goals.

Its hard to establish the exact origin of sports, and Handball is no exception. Most seem to agree though, that modern Handball as we know it today originates from our neighbours in the North, namely Denmark, where the students at Ordrups Gymnasium played Handball. Although, research has shown that simpler versions of Handball was played during the Antiquity, in the Roman Empire.

Handball is a fast paced ball and team sport where seven-man teams compete in number of goals scored behind the opponents goalkeeper. A match is played for 60 minutes divided into two halves. It is especially Denmark along with Germany that developed the rules of today's Handball, for example the three step- and three second rule.

In the early 1930s the first international competitions were arranged and in 1936 Handball became a part of the Olympic Games, although it was only in the context of exhibition. In 1972 Handball became an official sport in the Olympic Games and three years before, in 1969, the UK participated in their first international competition.

The sport was firstly played outdoors, but around the year 1970 the sport moved indoors permanently. Playing indoors made the sport reach new dimensions. Bad weather conditions had held the sport back and hindered the potential for players to develop, and when the sport moved indoors the players could practise for several months of the year and the new floor surface gave the game a faster pace.

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