Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a popular option when it comes to betting. There are many different leagues to bet on; including the NHL, the British Elite League, KHL, just to name a few. The betting options range from match winner, to number of goals scored and number of penalties and many more. During the last few years, the exciting form of livebetting has become a popular option. This means that you can bet on the match live, as it’s being played. Some betting companies also offer superlive or action betting, as Unibet calls it. At this page we gather ice hockey free bets and promotions offered from online sportsbooks. 

Ice hockey is a fast paced team sport and just like the name suggests it is played on ice. The players get around with the help of ice skates on the slippery surface and with the hockey stick try to land the puck behind the opposing team's goalkeeper. Just like other team sports, first and foremost it's about scoring more goals than the opponent. Unlike football, ice hockey has a lot of gear attached to it, and this can somewhat restrict people from playing the sport. To this day, ice hockey is still considered an expensive sport to play, since equipment costs money. Since it is played on ice skates, It is a younger sport than for ex. football. Ice hockey the way we know it was not played before then end of the 19th century,

then on a frozen lake. The sport is particularly popular in North America, Northern Europe and North Asia. To begin with, this was due to weather conditions and also a lack of cultural connection to the sport in warmer countries. The world’s greatest hockey league is the National Hockey League, or the NHL in North America. After the NHL, the general consensus is that the Russian KHL is second, and the Swedish SHL, comes third. Players from all over the world, including the UK, make the journey across the pond to play in the NHL in pursuit of high wages and a chance to win the coveted Stanley Cup. Ice hockey does not have any heavy hitting club tournaments. That makes the international tournaments like the Olympics, World Cup and the World Championships matter even more. Even though the sport is dominated by countries like Russia, Canada, the US and Sweden, the UK has nurtured a good deal of hockey talent over the years, for example; Joe Hall, Steve Thomas and Owen Nolan to name a few.

Published: 2015-12-23

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Ice Hockey

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