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Zlatan Ibrahimovic has not only changed Paris­Saint Germain; he is the main reason why Ligue 1 has a boosted status in football­Europe. Of course, the number of Ligue 1 viewers has increased in later years since the interest for Zlatan knows no bounds. Along with this, it has also been increasingly popular to bet on French football. The betting companies has a whole range of different options for betting on Ligue 1, with the most popular one being match winner ­ the classic 1, X, 2. Among Zlatan­fans it is also popular to bet on number of goals in the match, or even goal scorer. Ligue 1 betting also include Asian handicap, and the rules for this form of betting can vary some between different betting companies. The increase in interest for Ligue 1 has not gone unnoticed, we have therefore collected all news and articles related to Ligue 1 in one place. We have especially focused on free bets, campaigns and offers from different betting companies, so you can easily find exciting offers that you can use when betting on Ligue 1. 

Ligue 1 has been played since the 1932/1933 season. Up until 2002, it went under the name Division 1. The most successful team is AS Saint­Étienne with ten winning titles. However, in recent years Paris Saint­Germain is the most successful team with three consecutive winning titles. Although, They are still overshadowed by Olympique Lyonnais who won the league seven consecutive years starting in 2001/2002. Since 2012/2013, 13 teams play in Ligue 1 in over 38 rounds. The three lowest ranking teams then slide down to Ligue 2 and are replaced by the three highest ranked teams in Ligue 2. During this time, the tv­rights were sold to Al­Jazeera and Canal+. Al­Jazeera aired six matches a week and Canal+ aired 2. The fact that Zlatan signed with Paris Saint­Germain and that tv­rights were sold increased the interest for the French football in Europe and the world.

Paris Saint­Germain has won Ligue 1 since 2012/2013 and before that, they had not won the league since 1993/1994 ­ then with David Ginola as the main scorer of the team, with 13 goals. Zlatan signed with Paris Saint­Germain in 2012/2013 and secured the team's high status in French football along with Nasser Al­Khelaifi. The interest for Ligue 1 has steadily escalated, not only in Europe but all over the world. The French national team has always been held in high regard on a global level, but the club­teams however, have been treading water for a while. 

Published: 2015-12-23

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