Motorsports is a wide term that includes car- and motorcycle sport. Racing and rally are particularly popular within car sports, within motorcycle sports then roadracing is the biggest branch.

The single most popular sport within the motorsports genre is Formula 1. It is a fast paced sport with formula cars on asphalted tracks. The cars are constructed in stalls and they are fitted with motors from different developers. In recent years, the Red Bull-Renault and Mercedes stalls have been dominating the sport with Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. Although many people probably think of Ferrari and Michael Schumacher after their success in the early 2000s - together they managed to win the FIA Formula One Championship five years in a row between 2000 and 2004.

Many betting companies offer odds for motorsports. The most common options available are; Formula 1, Motorcycle and Nascar. A popular option for odds is full race betting on Formula 1, for example markets like winner, season match games and season - number of laps won. Prior to each Formula 1 lap you have the option of betting on markets like winner, fastest at training, both cars finishing at placement, winning car, fastest qualifying time, fastest lap time and winners starting position. The number of markets available can vary between different betting companies.

The most popular alternative is betting on who will win the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship – the prize for the best performing Formula 1 driver of the season. The prize has been handed down since 1950 and has always been a popular object for betting. Up until 2016 Michael Schumacher is the driver who has achieved the most success - he has won the title 7 times with two different stalls, followed by Juan Manuel Fangio with five titles along with Alain Prost and Sebastian Vettel with four titles each. With full race betting you can find great odds keeping things exciting throughout the whole season.

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