Betfair Exchange offer the best tennis odds
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Betfair Exchange offer the best tennis odds

Tennis 9 July 2019

According to Betfair, their betting exchange has got the best tennis odds compared to the competition. This claim from Betfair is backed up by their own statistics.

Betfair is divided into two parts, sportsbook and exchange. In the Betfair Exchange, punters can take both the role of punter but also bookie. This means punters challenge punter, while Betfair act as an intermediary.

This often results in greater odds, but Betfair does charge a commission on the winnings.

However, as Betfair points out, despite the commission percentage, the punters backing a bet still make a greater profit with Betfair Exchange, compared to other sportsbooks.

Read more about the examination here.

Facts about the odds examination
  • Calculated using Betfair Exchange overround within 60 mins of the off, compared with bookmakers in TXOdds and BetRadar feed
  • Comparison includes 5% Commission, other charges may apply
  • T&Cs Apply
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