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It could be worth learning the rules of NFL before attacking the odds. American football is an advanced sport with complex strategies and rules. Nevertheless, the sport is popular, not least in the U.S. The sport also attracts a growing number of players in the UK and the posibilites for viewing the games have increased. All betting companies worthy of the name offer odds on the NFL, and the most popular options are match betting, quarters, three ways, winning margin, highest scoring half, highest scoring quarter. There's also a variety of point- and team specials.

The National Football League (NFL) is the professional league of American football which is being played in the U.S. Almost a hundred years ago the American Professional Football Association was founded and two years later, it acquired it's current name, the National Football League - shortened to the NFL.

32 teams currently play in the NFL and all of them come from the U.S, which is partly explained by the fact that it is called Canadian Football in Canada, not American. The rules of the game do differ between the two countries. The NFL is divided by The American Football Conference and The National Football Conference - and they in their turn are divided into east, north, south and west.

The season consists of preseason, regular season and postseason. Preseason is nothing more than exhibition matches. The regualar season consist of 16 matches for each team played from September through to December. Only twelve teams, six from each conference, reach the postseason with a chance to play in the Super Bowl.

In recent years several different teams has won the Super Bowl. You have to go as far back as 2004-2005 to find a team that has won the Super Bowl - namely the New England Patriots.

Over the years several dozen UK players have made the journey across the pond to play in the NFL. Prominent players include Jay Ajayi with The Miami Dolphins and Scottish born, two time Super Bowl winner Lawrence Tynes with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.