The National Hockey League (NHL) is the world's best ice hockey league and very entertaining to bet on. The matches are very eventful and all teams are good enough to give each other serious competition. The size of the continent in combination with several matches a week equals many long distances to travel, and this can sometimes be apparent in the matches. That’s why the NHL better must do his homework and bring some analytical thinking ­ or risk losing the bet. In NHL the greatest ice hockey players in the world compete. Every team consist of highly skilled players who are good enough to settle a match on their own. That's why the lower ranked teams are never beat by default, which is sometimes sadly the case in many football leagues. This makes NHL a highly interesting object for betting since you can always manage to find gold nuggets in the form of high odds. The most popular odds to bet on are winner betting within regular time, match winner and over/under number of goals scored. On this page you will be able to find news about the NHL and odds for upcoming matches, and betting companies are generous with different free bet offers and campaigns.

The NHL was founded in Montréal, Québec in 1927 and replaced the National Hockey Association (NHA). To start with, there were only four teams playing in the NHL, but over the years this has been increased to thirty teams. The season runs from October through April with over 82 games. After that, eight teams from the Eastern Conference and eight teams from the Western Conference compete in the playoffs between April and June. The winning team in June will bring home the Stanley Cup trophy. The Montreal Canadiens is the most successful team in the history of the NHL. They have won 24 titles, with 22 of these after the founding of the NHL. The Toronto Maple Leafs is the second most successful team with 13 titles. Since 2012, the Los Angeles Kings and the Chicago Blackhawks have taken turns in holding the Stanley Cup trophy. Over the years, there has been a number of British players in the NHL, some of these include; Joel Hall, Charlie Gardiner and Steve Thomas ­ who played in over a hundred playoff games.

Published: 2015-12-15

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