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Online Betting in the Netherlands

An overview of online betting in the Netherlands

Online Betting for the Dutch

Rank Bonus Turnover Min odds 

100% up to €200

Turnover: 8x bonus amount

Lowest odds: 1.80

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50% up to €200

Turnover: 12x bonus amount

Lowest odds: 1.50

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100% up to 150€

Turnover: 5x bonus amount

Lowest odds: 1.50

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100% up to 100€

Turnover: 5x bonus amount

Lowest odds: 1.70

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100% up to €50

Turnover: 24x bonus amount

Lowest odds: 1.80

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Setting up an account and making a deposit

If you’re still a little sceptical as to how bettors still bet from the Netherlands, just remember the government tried to block local banks and payment providers from processing betting transactions, a request which fell on deaf ears of course.

Setting yourself up with a new account should be a fairly simple process with all online bookmakers accepting players from the Netherlands.

But if unsure, follow our 4-point guide:

  1. Having selected a bonus offer from one of the bookies listed on BookiesBonuses, you’ll need to enter your personal details (name, address, email address etc.) into the on-screen registration form. Here you’ll also create a username and password for your account which will need to be kept for your eyes only to avoid your account potentially becoming compromised.
  2. A legitimate bank account will be required to transfer monies to and from, this needs to be added also.
  3. With there no restrictions on how you deposit money to your account, you can do so via all the common methods including a bank card (VISA/MASTERCARD), e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller or even a traditional bank transfer, though this may take some time. iDEAL, a Dutch payment system which allows users to freely deposit and withdraw on any betting site through their bank account, is also a popular payment method.
  4. Deposit money to your account needed to match the free bet or bonus offer and away you go! Happy Betting!


  • The Euro (€) is widely accepted by most if not all, online bookies
  • Your first deposit amount is likely to be €10 minimum, or, in line with the chosen promo
  • Withdrawing money will be set at a minimum amount but shouldn’t incur a charge

Free Bets Netherlands – The Best Bonus Offers

It’s not so often you get something for nothing in this life, so when the opportunity of a genuine ‘free bet’ arises, then you must take it, right?

Online bookies are all too aware of the thirst for welcome offers and free bet bonuses from bettors in the Netherlands so the market is swamped full of different offers seeking your attention.

The idea of having major betting giants at your mercy is a pleasant one but it’s important to read the terms and conditions of each offer to determine if there are strings attached. For instance, a winning ‘free bet’ may have to be rolled over a certain number of times before the winnings can be withdrawn and deposited into your bank account.

So long as you keep your savvy hat on though, the experience will be a fun one and hopefully a profitable one for you also.

We have listed the best bonus offers/promotions from the most reputable and trustworthy bookies, all of which can be used by bettors from the Netherlands.

Betting legislation in the Netherlands

Gambling in the Netherlands, home to one of the world’s oldest lotteries, the Staatsloterij, first established in 1726, has long been engrained in the culture of the country with gambling the ‘traditional way’ in betting shops regarded wholly as an accepted pastime, as well as being fully regulated.

The industry has developed to also feature Postcode Loterij and Holland Casino but it’s the continuing rise in gambling online which leaves the country needing a major overhaul of its gambling legislation to strictly regulate the activity of its citizens when betting online.

At present, the state run monopoly, Holland Casino, rules the gambling scene and the fourteen casinos that be found up and down the country. They looked to control online gambling in the same way but were rejected getting a license by the EU which strongly opposes the monopolisation of gambling.

Holland Casino looked to control online gambling in the same way but were rejected getting a license by the EU which strongly opposes the monopolisation of gambling.

So, online sports betting does not come under the umbrella of Holland Casino but instead two other companies: De Lotto who own toto.dl which is the only legal online sportsbook for Dutch residents, and, Scientific Games Racing, who handle all betting concerning horse racing.

As it stands currently, the Dutch Gambling Authority (DGA) are tasked with regulating the gambling scene online, their primary objective to prevent unlawful gambling and the showing of banned or misleading adverts, as well as provide protection for the younger generation/vulnerable players and imposing penalties where necessary.

But with the Dutch market an attractive one for many foreign betting companies and the country, so far, failing to take advantage of the potential for added income, a new legislation – the Remote Gambling Bill – was drawn up to cover both issues.

The new law, expected to be passed at the start of 2019, is viewed as the most effective way to safeguard online bettors in the Netherlands, combat criminal activity and ensure the country retains the profits generated and therefore benefits financially through gambling activity to take place within the country.

How the betting legislation affects you (as of now)

The country’s liberal stance means there is naturally some opposition to the gambling industry however you’ll be pleased to know online gambling is legal, so long as you use websites based in the Netherlands.

And despite the government putting some work into trying to prevent Dutch citizens from betting on foreign sites, their efforts have been in vain, with the process of policing the internet almost impossible.

Thus, you are free to bet using a foreign betting site without the fear of prosecution.

Is betting legal in the Netherlands?

What will come of online betting in the Netherlands?

It’s believed the incoming law will allow foreign betting sites to apply for a Dutch gambling license, that will, in turn, see everybody singing from the same hymn sheet, and also bring about the end of the current monopoly on gambling.

Evidently, there’ll be strict guidelines in place for betting companies to abide by. These include preventive measures to stop bettors from overcommitting money and spending too much time gambling. In return, the Dutch government are set to lessen the tax rate on profits to increase competition between betting companies.

In conclusion, the entire landscape is set to change quite significantly for betting operators, who will be allowed, by law, to operate in the Netherlands. As for you, the bettor, though, not a lot will change. You will still be able to bet but will do so with more safeguard measures in place to protect you from the potential dangers of gambling.

Best online betting sites in the Netherlands

With the sports betting monopoly in the Netherlands limiting betting to traditional betting shops and the Toto website (where markets are also in short supply), those looking to wager money look to foreign bookmakers for the best odds and a better range of markets.

As has been alluded to, those in charge of the country are powerless to preventing Dutch residents from visiting the likes of Betfair, Unibet, Bet365, Betsson, William Hill and Coral to gamble online, even if they have laid down the law on occasions.

Betfair and, in particular, William Hill have moved to comply to the wishes of the government, or at least be seen to. Both have removed the option to change the site to read in Dutch so they’re not offering custom to Dutch residents. However, the fact the Netherlands are well versed and considered the best at using English as a second language makes a mockery of this notion.

Subsequently, you’ll find yourself able to choose between the best bookies out there upon sign-up.

For Dutch players bet365 is perhaps the go-to betting site in the Netherlands due to its standing in the industry, it’s emphasis on football (at home in the Netherlands and across Europe), as well as its competitive odds and simple betting process. The app and live streaming facility attracts many Dutch players too.

Betway is also a popular bookmaker within the Netherlands with the company actively seeking to grow their international markets. Their focus primarily falls on football and features the Premier League, matters in the Eredivise and fixtures from around 40 other countries. The depth in which they cover the English game, going as far down as the eighth tier, as well as featuring over 100 types of different bets, are also seen as major draws for the football enthusiast.

The coverage of numerous other sports including horse racing, basketball and tennis, in addition to providing a Dutch supporting customer service function, also adds weight behind Betway being the preferred choice of many online bettors in the Netherlands.

Online betting for the Dutch

  1. 100% up to €200

  2. 50% up to €200

  3. 100% up to 150€

  4. 100% up to 100€

  5. 100% up to €50

Best football betting in the Netherlands

It’s hard to look past bet365 and Betway when searching for the best football betting sites from the Netherlands. Whether it’s the weekend’s round of game at home in the Eredivisie, or in other parts of Europe where the Premier League and La Liga are dominant, these two sites are guaranteed to have it all and will make your football betting experience a pleasing one. Betway’s partnership with betradar, a comprehensive statistical service, is seen as a major pulling factor especially.

Other sites you can’t go wrong using for your football fix include Unibet and Betsson whose sportsbooks aim to spread their focus across all sports but cannot be ignored due to their highly aggressive odds.

Sports in the Netherlands

Tulips, windmills, cheese, clogs, canals and bicycles are all typically associated with the Netherlands, or Holland, as the country is sometimes called.

Believe it or not, the country is home to more bicycles than people with the approximate figure of 18 million bikes some way in front of the 17 million populants that make up the country.

Yet, it isn’t cycling so much that captures the imagination of the locals but, football which is by far the most popular sport in the country.

The sustained interest in football domestically and across Europe, as well as an enjoyment in a host of other sports including field hockey, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf and, of course, cycling, has coincided with the explosion of the internet to see Dutch people become avid online bettors.

The desired participation of sports lovers to immerse themselves in one of the fastest moving industries, has created more than a headache for those in charge of running the country however, as it continues to do for many others.

The one and only..

One man responsible for a country’s love for the game of football is the late Johan Cruyff who remains the most iconic Dutch footballer of all time. The Ajax and Barcelona great is synonymous with playing a brand of ‘sexy football’ which caught the imagination of many, not least those watching him and having to defend against him during his prime in the 70s.

One man responsible for a country’s love for the game of football is the late Johan Cruyff who remains the most iconic Dutch footballer of all time.

Of late, the much-revered Dutch youth system hasn’t given Oranje fans much to shout about but it has consistently produced a bottomless list of talent including Marco van Basten, Dennis Bergkamp and Robin van Persie, to see interest in the national side remain high. Despite possessing such talent through the years, the Netherlands have never won the World Cup but were victorious in the 1988 European Championships, their only major title to date.

Domestically, The Eredivisie is the top tier league and features famous Dutch clubs such as Ajax, PSV Eindhoven and Feyenoord who also compete regularly in European competitions such as the UEFA Champions League and Europa League.

Online Betting in the Netherlands FAQ

Is online sports betting legal in the Netherlands?

Yes, so long as the bettor does so using toto.dl, which is the only legal online sportsbook for Dutch residents. The site is owned by De Lotto who are responsible for all online gambling in the Netherlands. The company works with Scientific Games Racing to provide an online platform for online horse racing also.

As a Dutch citizen can I legally use bet365?

Technically, using any foreign betting sites including bet 365 is not permitted under the current legislation. However, as a member of the EU, the country’s attempted monopolization of online gambling has been overruled. Therefore, a Dutch citizen cannot be prosecuted by participating in online betting using a foreign bookmaker.

Are Dutch players taxed on their winnings?

No, however Dutch players who partake in online betting using unregulated betting sites may be subject to paying tax themselves at 29% of their paid-out prize.