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Betfair's Acca Edge function refunds your stake in cash

Acca Insurance Football 19 October 2017

This has to be one of the best acca insurances out there as it pays out in cash and not free bets.

Betfair are one of the most creative of all the betting sites. Having changed the betting industry with the Betfair Exchange, they are always looking for new, fresh approaches to existing betting offers and promotions.

Here their acca insurance, called Acca Edge, works much more like a real insurance policy than the other acca insurances out there. Like with the exchange, which applies the market exchange system to betting - letting punters play against each other and charging a small fee from the winning amount - Betfair has applied insurance logic to the betting industry.

Most other offers out there, will refund your stake in free bets should one of your selections not make it. This means you will need to bet with that company over the next few days with those free bets.

However, with Betfair they are offering a function called Edge which you can apply by clicking the Edge icon. Betfair will change the odds accordingly; there is no set % change, rather it will be determined by the number of selections you make and their odds. By reducing your potential return slightly they are effectively taking a small insurance fee, should you win.

We see this as win-win. They make it worthwhile for themselves and you get paid back in cash rather than free bets if you get one of your selections wrong.

How it works:

  1. Add selections to your betslip as normal. Eligible bets will have the ‘Edge’ icon appear next to them.
  2. Apply Acca Edge to your chosen bets. This will update your bet odds.
  3. Place your bet with Acca Edge applied.
  4. Get your stake refunded in cash if one leg lets you down