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Win 100k with Coral's Cricket World Competition

Existing Customer Bonus Cricket 27 May 2019 - 3 June 2019

If you know your cricket then test your knowledge with this competition.

The Coral £1m Smart Money Series

This World Cup quiz is a part of ten editions worth a total of £1 million. This competition is worth £100,000.

All you need to do is answer 10 questions correctly to qualify for the jackpot!

If you are the only person to answer all questions correctly, you will receive the full £100,000. If you are one of a few people who answer all the questions correctly, your winnings will be divided amongst the winners. So, if there are two winners then you will win £50,000 and if there are four winners, you will win £25,000 etc.

The subject of this edition is the Cricket World's Cup, so if that is your jam, then get involved!

Signing up couldn't be easier, simply click on the tab below and you'll be directed to the unique promotion page.