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Reload bonus

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Reload bonus

If you are a regular in the online casino, there is a chance that you already know about reload bonuses. If you’re still mystified by the term, read on for our explanation.

Reload Bonus Promotions

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What is a reload bonus and how does it work?

As with many types of online betting, casino and poker games are rich with promotions and bonuses, especially for new players. A reload bonus can take many forms, but generally applies to players who are already registered, and may be a recurring promotion to encourage regular play.

When a casino player deposits new credit into his or her account, this is referred to as “reloading”. The reload bonus then allows you to claim a significant percentage (possibly even as high as 150%) of the reload amount as a bonus, thereby significantly increasing the amount of available credit you have to play with.

It’s clear that this is a very attractive reason to continue playing, and it works very well as an incentive to keep playing and to make regular deposits. That’s why so many online casinos and poker rooms offer the reload bonus. Reload bonuses may also be cumulative, meaning that they get better over time as you prove your loyalty and play on the site regularly. There may be specific terms and conditions which apply in order to claim the reload bonus, so be sure to carefully read the applicable rules.

Which betting sites offer reload bonuses?

Reload bonuses generally apply to poker and casino games, so they are available on betting sites which offer those services. You can find out whether your chosen site offers a reload bonus by checking the promotions page. Remember that each section of the website (casino, poker etc) may have its own promotions page.