UEFA Euro 2016

On the 28th of May 2010 it became official, that France would host the UEFA European Championship in football in 2016. Between the 10th of June and the 10th of July, 24 countries will compete for the gold medal. The UEFA Euro is one of the biggest sporting events in the world in all categories. Leading up to the championship, you will be able to bet on what country will crown themselves as winners and under. During the matches there are several options available, like predicting winning team and number of goals scored in the match. The UEFA Euro is in many ways a highlight and interesting to follow regardless if the national team is participating or not, and one the UEFA Euro traditions is betting on what country will be European champions in football. All national teams in the championship are strong contenders and the matches are more often than not very even. The upcoming UEFA Euro will be hosted in France during the summer of 2016. Here you will be able to find articles and news during the championship. You will also be able to check out different betting companies free bet offers and campaigns for UEFA Euro on this page. In addition to articles and news, you will also find interesting odds for nail biting showdowns in the championship.

The UEFA European Championship changed to its current name leading up to the championship in Italy in 1968. The championship was played every four years since 1960, and then and now, France was hosting it. The UEFA Euro is a tournament that brings a lot of worldwide interest and has become a multi billion industry for UEFA. Germany and Spain has been the most successful teams to date in the championship with three gold medals each. Spain has won the two latest tournaments in Schweiz/Austria and Poland/Ukraine. Germany lost in the finals against Denmark but came back four years later and beat Czechoslovakia in the finals. Since 1992, Denmark, Germany, France, Greece and Spain has won the championship. To predict what nation that will bring home the gold medal spices up the suspense even more. Will Spain win its third consecutive championship? Leading up to the UEFA European Championship 2016, UEFA decided that the number of participating teams would increase from 16 to 24 and be drafted to six different groups. For the 2020 championship the next change will be introduced; namely that it will be held in thirteen cities in thirteen different European countries. UEFA made these one off changes as a way of celebrating the tournaments 60th anniversary and as a sign of respect for the countries economic difficulties.

Published: 2015-12-15

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