The interest for the UFC is increasing every year. The explanation is a combination of an increasing number of British fighters and more media coverage. At the betting companies you will sometimes find odds for the UFC in the same category as boxing, for example at Bet365, otherwise under the Mixed Martial Arts category. The most common form of betting is in head­to­head, winner by method, total number of rounds and betting on round. Parallel with a growing interest for the UFC, the betting companies also increase their options for odds on the sport. You will find odds for the UFC at most larger betting companies, if not at all of them. The number of options is fairly limited, and this is explained by the fact that there are less components in a match than for example in football or hockey.

UFC, or The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the world's largest organisation within the world of mixed martial arts. The organisation arranges events all around the world and has become the sport's main representative. The fact that several of the sports foremost fighters are a part of the UFC, also explains the organization's success. Through Cable­TV­deals, Mixed martial arts has steadily branched to Asia, Europe, Canada and the Middle East. The UFC is being aired in 130 countries and encompasses over 20 different languages. In a short period of time the sport has attracted an increasingly larger audience and everything points to a continued development in that direction. In addition to the British Isles, the UFC has arranged events in 12 different countries. To start with, the UFC was forbidden in the U.S and this forced the sport reconsider certain aspects and introduce more rules ­ or the sport would never have become legitimate. New rules meant rounds lasting for a maximum of five minutes, that referees could stop a fight, different weight classes and where on the body the fighters were allowed to hit. A UFC fight can end in one of four different ways ­ submission, knockout, technical knockout and referee stoppage. What the referee uses in decision making is hits, kicks, grappling, octagon control and aggressiveness. The referee also has the important task of making sure that the fighters don't use any forbidden tactics, such as butting with the head and groin attacks of any kind. In the UFC you compete in eight different weight classes that are measured by british pounds. The classes are; flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, lightweight, welterweight, middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight. English born Michael “The Count” Bisping is a huge name within the sport. He competes in the middleweight division in the UFC. Bisping made his professional mixed martial arts debut in 2004 and has since then managed to win 28 fights out of 35.

Published: 2015-12-15

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