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Bet MGM Parlays Article

Everything You Need to Know About BetMGM Parlay Betting

2 August 2022

BetMGM has proclaimed themselves the 'king of parlays' - is the BetMGM parlay offering as good as they seem to think? Find out below, and learn how you can parlay bet with BetMGM, along with what parlay bonuses you can snag with this guide!

BetMGM Parlays

BetMGM has put some serious work in to claim the title of the best parlay betting site, and it's certainly a tight race at the top. That being said, we don't think they necessarily deserve to wear the crown for being the best parlay betting site - we can certainly say they have the best parlay offers on the market. You will get a lot of bang for your buck with the frequent offers BetMGM puts out, and that's deserving of a title on its own.

BetMGM is the best betting site for parlay offers.

Get started parlay betting on BetMGM


Best Parlay Betting Bonuses

If you're looking for a great betting site with some brilliant promotions, BetMGM is certainly worth a look - especially for parlay betting.

Not only that, the BetMGM welcome offer let's you wager up to $1,000 Risk Free, so if you're keen on placing a big parlay and rolling the dice on a massive payout, you can do that without totally losing out if the bet falls through!

So without further ado, let's jump into everything you need to know about BetMGM Parlay Betting.

All you need to know about Parlays on BetMGM

BetMGM Parlay Betting

BetMGM has expanded their parlay selection since launching in the US, and not only offers a huge selection of multi-game parlays on most of their betting markets, you can also enjoy the hugely popular One Game Parlay feature with hockey, baseball, soccer, and basketball!

How Does Parlay Betting Work

If you're already a parlay betting aficionado, feel free to breeze past this section and get into the nitty gritty about BetMGM parlay bets. But if you want a quick refresher or are asking yourself 'what is parlay betting?' have a quick look at our breakdown. (and when we say 'our' what we mean is a shamelessly stolen look at how BetMGM explains parlay betting)

Betmgm parlay betting explained

Parlay betting is just combining multiple wagers into one, increasing both the risk and reward. You can select different bets from a variety of events and betting markets, or all from a single event with a same game parlay, and build a creative and potentially lucrative wager if every pick is correct.

There is a massive jump in how much you can earn, but a winning parlay relies on all 'legs' to be correct. 

BetMGM Parlay Rules

BetMGM parlay rules differ slightly depending on whether you're wagering on a multi-game parlay, one game parlay, or round robin. Unless you are wagering with a parlay promo or using free bets to wager, there are no limitations to which markets you can select or minimum odds, expect for the inability to select directly competing bets (ie. picking two teams who are competing to both win). 

Multi-Game Parlay Rules

  • You can just fill up your bet slip when putting together a multi-game parlay on BetMGM, up to 20 picks. With these traditional parlays, you can't select multiple picks from the same game, as it would turn into a One Game Parlay which is a bit more regulated on the betting site.
  • All wagers must be pre-game odds, as there is no live betting parlay option on BetMGM at the moment.

One Game Parlay Rules

  • BetMGM one game parlays are a bit stricter with rules, and have some limitations in which markets you can bet on.
  • OGP betting is all pre-game, and can be done on hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, and football. You can even add multiple parlays to your bet slip!

Round Robin Rules

  • To create a round robin you need to select at least three different bets, and no more than eight. Once you've made your picks, just select the 'round robins' tab and you'll be able to see the breakdown of your bet, with details on how the wagers are split.
  • You can choose to split your round robin into two-team parlays, three-team parlays, etc. depending on the total number of unique events you picked overall.

Generally the rules for parlay betting are simple:

  • No conflicting bets
  • All picks must be correct to win the parlay wager

Of course there are some more specific rules like maximum number of 'legs' or restrictions on odds if wagering with free bets or a promotion, but the BetMGM bet slip makes it incredibly easy to know if your wagers are within the guidelines and eligible to bet on as a parlay. 

Is BetMGM Parlay betting worth it?
Avery Hutchison

Avery Hutchison

All parlay betting comes with increased risk since all 'legs' need to be correct to win the wager.

So when creating a BetMGM parlay, you need to really think about each step. There are some fantastic parlay betting promos on BetMGM, including parlay insurance and parlay boosts that makes wagering through a parlay even more enticing. Additionally, there are ways you can be smart about parlay betting, including picking a winning team and a prop bet for one of their top players would likely be a good combo and compliment eachother.

Overall parlay betting on BetMGM can absolutely be 'worth it' as long as you take the time to bet smart.

BetMGM One Game Parlay

Betmgm one game parlay

BetMGM has expanded on their traditional multi-game parlay feature to allow bettors to enjoy One Game Parlays. That's right, the name says it all since the OGP is parlay betting on a single event. BetMGM users are not stuck finding a bunch of different games to wager on when filling out a big parlay, they can choose from different markets on the same game!

With BetMGM One Game Parlays you can wager on:

  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Football

BetMGM takes their parlay betting seriously, and will certainly be adding more sports to their One Game Parlay selection as they keep growing, especially when there are major events going on. 

What markets are available for One Game Parlays?

There are tons of different wagers that can be combined into one game parlays (or single game parlays depending on your preferred terminology), so it really depends on the sport and how creative you want to get.

  • Money line
  • Points Spread
  • Player and Team Props
  • Over/Under
  • Innings, Periods, Quarters, Half-time score
  • Home Runs
  • Stolen Bases
  • Passing Yards
  • Penalty Kicks
  • Clean Sheets
  • Penalties
  • ... and many more

You get the idea. Generally the limiting factor is your imagination. Of course you won't be able to pick competing wagers, for example you can't have a wager on one team to win and anothe part of your parlay having the competing team win - those would have to be separate bets.

BetMGM Super Bowl Promo - a one game parlay

For Super Bowl LVI, BetMGM featured a One Game Parlay promo that let users score a nice free bet just by wagering $10 on a one game parlay for the championship game. You can expect similar promos to this for other major events, especially with how popular parlay betting is in the US. 

Betmgm super bowl promo bet 10 get 30

Easy Parlay BetMGM

Compiling a parlay bet can be frustrating sometimes with so many different markets to choose from, and oftentimes betting sites restrict market eligibility one parlay wagers. This is where the BetMGM Easy Parlay comes into play. 

Select the 'Easy Parlay' tab and you'll find a selection of markets and events you can combine into a single parlay bet

Sometimes called a 'bet builder,' the Easy Parlay feature is basically a BetMGM Parlay Builder, assisting you in simplifying the process of combining different picks into one big wager. 

Betmgm easy parlay screenshot

Easy, right? This is also a great tool to use if your looking for some inspiration on what to wager on. 

BetMGM Round Robin

Round Robins are one of the more complex wagers you can make on a betting site, but the potential payouts are generally massive. So what are they?

Fundamentally a round robin bet is a parlay with at least three legs, but instead of having your win reliant on all wagers being successful, it breaks them down into smaller combinations that can all be won individually. If it sounds complex this example should help:

How a Round Robin Bet Works
Avery Hutchison

Avery Hutchison

You wager on the Jets, Broncos, and Chiefs to win their respective football games on a particular weekend. In a normal parlay all teams would need to win for you bet to be successful, but when you make this a round robin, the breakdown creates three different two-team parlays.

  1. Jets and Broncos win
  2. Jets and Chiefs win
  3. Broncos and Chiefs win

In essence all you need is for two of your chosen teams to win and at least on of the round robin 'legs' will payout, and of course if all of your teams win them the three different two-team parlays will pay out.

Of course you can up the complexity and potential winnings by adding more wagers into the mix, making it so you could even wager on three-team parlays or more depending on how many you add to your round robin!

How to Place a Round Robin Bet on BetMGM

Setting up a round robin parlay on BetMGM is incredibly simple. And by simple we mean automatic with the press of a button! 

Select three or more picks (up to eight), and you will be eligible to  place a round robin bet. To do so, click on the “Round Robins” tab at the top of the bet slip. All possible round robin bets based on your picks will be shown, and you can even highlight an info button to get more details on the wager! 

Betmgm parlay vs round robin

Some betting types on BetMGM - straight, parlay, round robin

How Much Do Parlays Pay?

You'll notice quickly that almost any parlay bet you put together will have a much higher potential payout than a standard straight bet. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Odds are combined
  • All 'legs' must win
  • Inherent risk is higher

The simple answer as to why parlays pay much more than a straight bet is due to the high risk factor of needing multiple different outcomes to all go your way in order to win. Because of the more unlikely outcome of a parlay converting, betting sites are happy to increase the overall odds and potential payout since the risk to the bettor is so much higher.

If you're interested in a parlay bet (let's be honest they are a very entertaining way to bet), make sure to really think about each leg and how likely it is to win, since you'll need every part to be correct to see cash coming into your account.

BetMGM Parlay Boost

Parlay boosts are an awesome way to ratchet up your potential winnings on a parlay bet, and BetMGM has a frankly ridiculous parlay boost amount of 40%. Parlay boosts simply take your earnings, and add a certain percentage on. Similar to an odds boost that increases the winning potential, parlay boosts tend to focus on the cash value instead of the base odds, but you can really get some crazy possible returns depending on how risky you get with your wager. 

Betmgm parlay plus boost
What is Parlay Plus?

While we class the BetMGM Parlay Plus as a promotion, it's really more of a feature of the betting site given how long the promo is around, letting you earn much more on eligible parlays.

Once you opt-in, place a 4-7 leg parlay wager on a combination of events and sports, and you can get a huge increase in your payout. When you combine this with the already multiplied parlay payout, potential winnings are staggering.

Getting a parlay boost on BetMGM is very easy:

  • Sign up to BetMGM
  • Opt in to the Parlay Plus promotions
  • Create your eligible parlay wager
  • See your boosted earnings if you win!

BetMGM Parlay Insurance

If you've ever experienced a bad beat or seen the final leg in your incredibly well thought out 7-leg parlay crumble right before your eyes, you may have wished that you had some insurance for that bet - Parlay Insurance to be specific. 

Betmgm ogp insurance mlb

While we don't mean to come across as insurance salesmen here, it's probably fair to say that most bettors will experience a lost parlay or two over their wagering lifetime, so it's always nice not to lose all of your bet stake from an unexpected turn of events.

Get back some of your stake if your parlay fails on the last leg
How to get BetMGM Parlay Insurance

Fortunately getting parlay insurance is a bit more straightforward than something like car insurance, and BetMGM makes it very easy to claim on a lost parlay.

Most parlay insurance promos operate very similar to this MLB One Game Parlay Insurance promo:

  1. Create your One Game Parlay on an MLB game
  2. Place the qualifying wager
  3. If all but a single leg wins, claim back up to $25 as free bets!

Qualifying wagers and the amount you're able to get back are pretty much the only things that change. Sometimes the free bet refund comes as a percentage up to a certain amount, or the qualifying wager will have minimum odds or a required number of legs. Just read the terms and you'll be good to go with a nice bit of betting insurance tucked away just in case!

How to Make a Parlay Bet on BetMGM

BetMGM does a great job and has a number of features like the Easy Parlay to help get you started, but we've put together a breakdown of creating a parlay all the way from sign up to clicking place bet!


Sign Up for BetMGM

The first step to placing your parlay bet is to actually sign up with BetMGM.

To do this just click one of the green buttons to get sent over to the betting site where you can enter some details like:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email
  • Address
  • SSN

This will get you registered and ready to bet with the 'King of Sportsbooks'


Claim Your Sign Up Offer

Once you've signed up you'll be able to start betting, but remember that the BetMGM welcome offer is a risk free bet based off of your first wager.

You can use this risk free bet with a parlay (not a bad idea considering the increased risk and security up to $1,000!), so once your ready just make your first deposit and place that bet.


Build Your Parlay

Whether you decide to wager with the risk free bet or you've already placed you initial wager and are now looking to branch out into parlay betting, the next step is to build your parlay.

You can make a bet as a:

  • Multi-game parlay (traditional)
  • One Game Parlay
  • Round Robin

The round robin is the most complex, but it really comes down to how comfortable you are with betting, or if you really only want to wager on one event - like the Super Bowl.

With this in mind, you can use the Easy Parlay feature to make simple parlays, or find the events you want to bet on and start picking odds from the eligible markets. Don't worry if you're not sure which picks are allowed - on your bet slip there will be an icon if you add a 'leg' that' incompatible.


Place Your Wager!

Now that you've built a parlay with however many legs you choose, you'll be eyeing up that potential payout and be ready to place you parlay bet.

What are you waiting for? Just wager what you're comfortable with and press the button to place your first parlay on BetMGM!

BetMGM Promos

BetMGM has some of the best bonuses around, including parlay bonuses like Parlay Insurance and BetMGM Parlay Plus! Here are some of BetMGM's parlay promotions to give you a little extra bang for your buck or help you hang on to some cash if you bet falls through.

Latest BetMGM Parlay Bonuses

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BetMGM Parlay FAQ

How does parlay betting work?

Parlay betting in the simplest terms is just combining a series of bets into one larger wager.

The main difference come from the fact that to win a parlay all individual 'legs' need to be correct, otherwise you lose the entire wager. The big increase to potential winnings and fun flexibility of adding bets together has made it a popular way to wager, but it is certainly a riskier prospect since you need to win multiple bets to cash in.

How much do parlays pay?

It's impossible to say exactly how much parlays pay out, since it directly relates to the individual 'legs' you select. If your parlay is built with picks that are already unlikely to win, your payout could be massive when they multiply together.

But even if you choose parlay legs that are sure bets, your overall pay out will always be bigger than if you bet on the same picks as separate straight bets since you need to win them all.

Parlay betting really makes you consider the risk vs reward, and think smart about how you select your bets.

Is there a One Game Parlay BetMGM feature?

Yes! BetMGM has a One Game Parlay options for

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Football

Is there a BetMGM parlay boost?

BetMGM Parlay Plus is what the parlay boost promo on BetMGM is called, and when you opt-in and build a 4-7 leg parlay, you can increase you payout by 40%.

Does BetMGM have a NFL parlay?

Yes, you can create parlays for the NFL on BetMGM. Furthermore, nfl parlay bets are not limited to a multi-game or traditional parlay option, you can really focus your wager on a single game parlay during the season.

A BetMGM Super Bowl promo was a one game parlay rewarding bettors with free bets if they wagered on the championship game.

Does BetMGM Wear the Parlay Crown?

It's clear that BetMGM has a fantastic offering when it comes to parlay betting, and provides a number of ways to get creative when combining multiple bets together. But on it's own BetMGM doesn't top our list for parlay betting sites, but it does offer the best parlay promotions in the US. 

There are a number of ways to place a parlay bet on BetMGM, and bonuses to claim:

If BetMGM sounds like a good betting site for you, you can read our full BetMGM review, or if you really just want to focus on parlay betting hit the link below to see some of the other parlay betting sites that top our list in the US, and see exactly what they have to offer for this type of wager.