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Caesars Sportsbook Rewards - Earning and Redeeming Credits on Caesars Sportsbook

24 August 2022

Caesars Sportsbook has one of the best rewards programs of any betting site, and a new user promotion will get you started off wit tons of reward credits. Here is everything to know about Caesars Rewards and and how to use Reward Credits.

Caesars Sportsbook Rewards

Caesars Rewards is a massive global loyalty program for customers of Caesars Entertainment - and has now expanded to be solidly linked to the Caesars Sportsbook. Anyone participating can earn credits to be used for dining, hotel visits, and shopping alongside enjoying discounts at Caesars affiliated destinations and partners. 

With over 50 destinations in the US and internationally, hundreds of ways to earn Credits, and six different rewards levels, there is a ton to unpack and understand when learning about the Caesars Rewards program, but that's exactly what we're going to do. 

Go Full Caesar - Sportsbook and Rewards Promotion

Caesars 1250 rfb nfl playoffs

Caesars Sportsbook's newest promotion is great for the betting site, but also comes with a ton of free Tier and Reward Credits!

Caesars Sportsbook Promo Code: BBFULL

When you sign up with Caesars Sportsbook to go 'Full Caesar' not only will your first bet be on Caesars up to $1,250 - you will also be able to claim 1,000 Tier Credits and 1,000 Reward Credits. But there are a number of ways the Caesars Rewards program and Caesars Sportsbook are intertwined, and there are many ways to enjoy the benefits of the Rewards program on the betting site! 

Caesars Rewards Promo Code

Caesars Sportsbook and Caesars Rewards Promotion

$1,250 on Caesars + 1,000 Tier and Reward Credits

Claim $1000 offer

21+ only. New customers in AZ/CO/IL/IN/IA/KS/LA/MA/MD/MI/ NJ/NY/OH/PA/TN/VA/WV/WY only. Deposit required (min $10). Must place first real money Qualifying Wager (min $10) within 30 days. Qualifying wager must settle within 30 days of being placed. Qualifying wager returned as non-withdrawable bonus bets only if wager is settled as a loss. Maximum Bonus Bet $1,000. Bonus Bet expires 14 days after receipt. Full T’s and C’s apply, visit Caesars Sportsbook for more details.

How Caesars Rewards Works

Caesars has made it very easy and appealing to get started with with their loyalty program, with a totally free sign up and quick link between the Caesars Sportsbook app. The Caesars Rewards program is built around three different types of Credits you can earn - Reward Credits, Online Reward Credits, Tier Credits, which are used by members to enjoy dining, shopping, holidays, betting, and so much more!

Caesars Reward Credits

Reward Credits (RCs) are the bread and butter of the Caesars Rewards program, and act as the currency or points for the loyalty program. There are a ton of different ways to earn Reward Credits and more ways to use Credits, but some of the main areas are trips, hotel stays, dining, and shopping.

Caesars Online Reward Credits

Online Reward Credits (ORCs) are basically the same as normal Reward Credits, but are earned through play on Caesars Sportsbook & Casino. When you're on these apps you can transfer any ORCs over to you main Rewards account where they can be redeemed in the same way as normal Reward Credits! 

Caesars Tier Credits

Tier Credits (TCs) are really just a tracking method to determine what tier of the loyalty program you are in. There are six different levels in the Caesars Rewards VIP program, starting at Gold and running through to the trademarked Seven Stars membership. Each Tier brings in more passive benefits like discounts or bonus bets for the sportsbook without needing to redeem and spend your other credits!

Caesars rewards screen shot

One of the best things about Caesars Rewards is that in most cases Reward Credits (or ORCs) and Tier Credits are earned at the same time! The simplicity of knowing that you can increase your tier and enjoy the Rewards you've already earned at the same time is a nice change of pace from many other loyalty programs which operate on set percentages depending on where you're spending money. 

Earning Caesars Rewards Credits

The Caesars Rewards program is chock full of ways to earn Reward Credits and Tier Credits, ranging from placing a wager on the Super Bowl down to buying gas on your daily commute. And because there is so much simple integration with the sportsbook and other Caesars gaming activities, you might not even realise you've earned a ton of credits just by wagering on a few games over the weekend!

Earning Reward Credits with Caesars Sportsbook

The main this that sets this loyalty program apart is the incredibly simple integration between Caesars Sportsbook and Caesars Rewards. There is a ton of overlap with how you can earn Reward Credits through the Sportsbook and how you can use Credits earned from day to day purchases on the betting site! 

Earning Online Rewards Credits

When using the Caesars Sportsbook the breakdown for earning Online Reward Credits is as follows:

Sports Betting

  • 1 ORC and TC for every $5 of potential profit

Earning credits through sports betting is a little complicated as it is based on potential profit meaning the odds of your bet dictate the credits you get, not how much you wager directly, so here is an example of it in practice:


  • If you wager $10 at -100 odds, you would be set to payout $20 ($10 profit). This would net you 2 ORCs/TCs.
  • If you place the same $10 wager at +300 odds, your payout would be $40 ($30 profit). This would net you 6 ORCs/TCs.

Now you might be thinking 'why not place a wager with crazy long odds to cash in a ton of ORCs and TCs'? This is unfortunately not that easy since you are capped at earning 2 ORCs for each $1 wagered through the online sportsbook.

In practice this could be show as trying to place the same $10 wager at +5000 odds, with a payout of $510 ($500 profit). You would expect to earn 100 ORCs/TCs, but since Caesars Sportsbook caps the rewards, you would only get 20 ORCs/TCs.

We've done the math for you though, and placing wagers at long odds is a good way to rack up a bunch of ORCs and TCs through the Caesars Sportsbook - but make sure you don't wager with odds more that +1000, otherwise the earning cap will trigger. Of course you can still wager long odd if your main focus is actually betting, but if you're just trying to earn Credits stick to this limit.

Other Ways to Earn Reward and Tier Credits

Linking your Caesars Sportsbook and Rewards account is a great way to enjoy the loyalty program and earn lots of credts, but there are many other ways to earn Reward Credits and Tier Credits away from the mobile betting app. 

Hotels, Dining, Shopping, Amenity Experiences

These are the most common ways to earn Reward and Tier Credits when you spend at participating destinations.

  • Earn 1 RC/TC for every $1 spent

In Person Gaming

Caesars has a pretty impressive name when it comes to gambling, and you can earn RCs and TCs for wagering in person at their many casinos and retail sportsbooks.

  • Slot Machines: 1 per $5 of play
  • Table Games: Earning rate depend on duration of play and average bet for the type of game
  • Video Poker: 1 RC/TC per $10 wagered
  • Bingo: 1 RC/TC per $10 wagered
  • Racing: 1 RC/TC per $3 wagered
  • Keno: 1 RC/TC per $3 wagered

Retail Sportsbooks follow the same earning model and the online Caesars Sportsbook: 1RC/TC per $5 profit, capped at 2 RCs/TCs per $1 wagered. The exceptions are Harrah's Philadelphia, Harrah's AC, and Caesars AC which nets you a flat rate of 1 RC/TC per $10 wagered.

You can also earn Reward Credits and Tier Credits for wagering on Slots and Table Games online:

  • 1 TC and ORC per $5 coin-in on slots
  • 1 TC and 1 ORC per $25 wagered on table games (including video poker)

Play for Fun

You can earn Reward Credits on virtual coin purchases with Playtika games if you're logged in with your Caesars Rewards number.

Caesars Rewards Marketplace

Shop online with participating retailers through the Caesars Rewards Marketplace and earn Reward Credits based on how much you spend.

The amount varies depending on which retailer, but you can expect to get a minimum of 1 RC per $1 spent, but usually it is quite a bit higher (sometimes up to 15 RCs per $1).


You can get up to 30x Reward Credits with the online flower outlet, just put your Caesars Reward ID in the member # box!

Caesars Rewards Dining

You can dine at 25,000+ restaurants nationwide with a rate of 1 RC per $1 spent, or 4 RCs per $1 with a Caesars Visa card.

Caesars Rewards Live Events

When you get tickets to see live games, concerts, and show you can earn up to 7x Reward Credits with each purchase. The amount you earn in RCs goes up based on your tier status:

  • Gold - 1 RC
  • Platinum - 2 RCs
  • Diamond - 3 RCs
  • Seven Stars - 5 RCs

When you purchase with the Caesars Rewards Visa you get an additional 2 RCs per $1

Say & Play

By completing surveys about a variety of Caesars product or events, you can earn Reward Credits each day.

Wyndham Rewards

Caesars Rewards has partnered with Wyndham Rewards to give members the chance to enjoy perks at more that 50,000 Wyndham destinations.

You will be able to transfer Reward Credits on a 1:1 basis between the programs.

World Series of Poker

If you buy in to a WSOP even you can earn Reward Credits based on the buy in amount and the specific tournament - you'll even earn Tier Credits for this!

What's even better is you can use your Reward Credits for your buy in.

Tier Credit Bonuses

Members can earn bonus Tier Credits based on the number of TCs they earn in a day. If you earn:

  • 500 Tier Credits - get an additional 125 TC bonus
  • 1,000 Tier Credits - get an additional 1,000 TC bonus
  • 2,500 Tier Credits - get an additional 5,000 TC bonus (instant Platinum Status)
  • 5,000 Tier Credits - get an additional 10,000 TC bonus (instant Diamond Status)

The bonus TCs do not have a matching Reward Credit, so this bonus is only reflected in your tier status. Sadly TCs from Caesars Sportsbook do not count towards this daily bonus.

Caesars Rewards Visa

If you enjoy the idea if racking up additional Tier Credits and Reward Credits just for spending as you normally would, Caesars Rewards Visa Credit Card may be a decent option. 

Caesars Rewards Visa Credit Card

Caesars Rewards Visa Cradit Card lets you earn Reward Credits on most purchases!

Earning Reward Credits with Caesars Visa

Members can earn Reward Credits for every purchase made with the Caesars Visa Credit card, with increased value for expenditures at Caesars Entertainment properties.

  • 5 Reward Credits for every $1 spent at Caesars Rewards destinations
  • 2 Reward Credits for every $1 spent on restaurant, travel, and entertainment
  • 1 Reward Credit for every $1 spent everywhere else Visa is accepted

Reward Credits do not expire as long as you use your Caesars Rewards Visa at least once every six months. 

Caesars Rewards Promotions - Visa Card

Aside from the day to day purchase that give you Reward Credits, You have the chance to jump immediately to Platinum status on the Caesars Reward program, and earn a bonus 10,000 Reward Credits and 2,500 Tier Credits.

  • By using the Caesars Rewards Visa card on a purchase of at least $0.01 within the first 90 days, you will automatically be upgraded to Platinum status, and enjoy all the associated benefits.
  • Claiming the bonus Credits is a simple as spending $1,000 on purchases outside of Caesars Rewards destinations within 90 days of opening your account. This can be purchases on anything you use a Visa card for, and give you a ton of bonus Reward Credits and Tier Credits.

Visit Caesars Rewards Visa page for full T's & C's about these bonuses

Caesars Comenity

The Caesars Rewards program and Visa Credit Card are backed by Comenity Bank, which is part of Bread Financial. Depending on how you spend you RCs, you can earn up to 5% cash bak on some purchases, which is about as competitive as branded credit cards can be, and shows the investment from Caesars and Comenity Bank into this loyalty program. 

Caesars Rewards Benefits and Tier Perks

Caesars Rewards statuses are broken down into six distinct tiers, based on how many Tier Credits you earn. All new members start in the Gold Tier, and can work their way up to Seven Stars through purchases, wagering on the Caesars Sportsbook, and various daily TC bonuses. All perks from lower tiers are applied (and generally increased) to higher tiers, so don't worry about missing discounts as you move up in the Caesars Rewards program! 

Gold: 0+ Tier Credits

  • Gaming offers when playing at Caesars Rewards casinos
  • Turn Reward Credits into bonus bet play - $1/200 RCs
  • $5 Bonus Bet during birthday month on Caesars Sportsbook
  • Free or discounted hotel stays
  • One free night in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Lake Tahoe or Reno for every 5,000 Tier Credits earned (up to 7 nights)
  • Exclusive pre-sale access for select shows
  • Discounted rates at Atlantis, Paradise Island in The Bahamas

Platinum: 5,000+ Tier Credits

  • $10 monthly Bonus Bet on Caesars Sportsbook
  • $10 Birthday Month Extra Bonus Bet on Caesars Sportsbook
  • Gift up to 5,000 Reward Credits to a friend (limit of two transfers per year)
  • 15% discount at casino gift shops
  • Complimentary valet & self-parking at many destinations
  • Complimentary stay at Atlantis, Paradise Island in The Bahamas
  • Tier Status match with Wyndham Rewards
  • 10% discount on select Norwegian Cruise Line vacations

Diamond: 15,000+ Tier Credits

  • $20 monthly Bonus Bet on Caesars Sportsbook
  • $20 Birthday Month Extra Bonus Bet on Caesars Sportsbook
  • 15% off best available advertised rate on rooms and suites
  • No resort fees on any hotel stay
  • Two free nights at Caesars Palace Dubai
  • Guaranteed Room with 72 hours notice in Atlantic City and Las Vegas
  • $100 Celebration Dinner
  • 20% discount at casino gift shops
  • Priority lines at hotel check-in, restaurants, casino cages and the Caesars Rewards Center
  • Use the VIP Reservations Hotline
  • Gain access to the VIP Laurel Lounge
  • 20% discount on select Norwegian Cruise Line vacations

Diamond Plus: 25,000+ Tier Credits

  • $30 monthly Bonus Bet on Caesars Sportsbook
  • $30 Birthday Month Extra Bonus Bet on Caesars Sportsbook
  • Complimentary access to VIP Laurel Lounge

Diamond Elite: 75,000+ Tier Credits

  • $75 monthly Bonus Bet on Caesars Sportsbook
  • $75 Birthday Month Extra Bonus Bet on Caesars Sportsbook
  • $600 airfare credit to Las Vegas (limit of one credit per year)

Seven Stars: 150,000+ Tier Credits

  • $75 monthly Bonus Bet on Caesars Sportsbook
  • $75 Birthday Month Extra Bonus Bet on Caesars Sportsbook
  • Upgrade to best available room at check-in
  • Complimentary early check-in / late check-out
  • $500 Celebration Dinner
  • 25% discount at casino gift shops
  • Retreat to any Caesars Rewards destination with airfare up to $1,200, round-trip transportation between the airport and hotel, as well as a $500 dining folio
  • Companion Card: Share your status with someone special
  • Invitation to Signature Events
  • Seven Stars Signature Experiences eligibility (based on current year's Tier Score)
  • 30% discount on select Norwegian Cruise Line vacations
  • Congratulatory Voyage with Norwegian Cruise Line
  • 15% discount on Caesars Rewards eCatalog merchandise

Tier Status Eligibility

The Tier Credit status does not last forever with Caesars rewards - you are eligible to earn TCs between January 1 - December 31. After this date your Tier Credits will reset to 0, but you will retain your highest earned status for the following year!

While you will have to earn enough TCs each year to maintain your status, you can rest assured knowing you will at the very least get to enjoy an entire year at your highest status level, so even if you join Caesars Rewards towards the end of the year it's not totally wasted.

There are some hidden mechanics to the perk system as well, primarily concerning the various free stays. On the surface it appears that for a number of tiers the reward is the same, but if you are a higher tier (Diamond Elite instead of Diamond) you will actually be eligible for a nicer room, and a few other included amenities. 

Caesars Sportsbook Tier Credits

If you're into sports betting on Caesars Sportsbook, one of the bet things about moving up tiers in this loyalty program is the monthly bonus bets, and extra bonus bets on your birthday month! This is a great benefit for enjoying online sports betting with Caesars Sportsbook, which we already think is one of the best betting sites in the US. 

Caesars Sportsbook Rewards

Ok, we've gone through the tedious bits about how you can earn Reward and Tier Credits with the Caesars Sportsbook, but once you've racked up a ton of credits you might want to know how to use them to place bets online.  

Getting Bonus Cash on Caesars Sportsbook

With the Caesars Sportsbook Rewards program you can interchange Reward Credits and Online Reward Credits whenever you want - and exchange ORCs for bonus cash to be wagered on the betting site!

  • 100 ORCs are worth $1 in Bonus Cash to wager on the Caesars Sportsbook

Using your Rewards Credits as ORCs on the sports betting app is actually really good value compared to some of the other ways you can redeem RCs.

We would recommend using your ORCs for the online sportsbook as the rate you can redeem ORCs online for bonus cash (100 ORCs/$1) is double that of play at retail casinos (200 ORCs/$1). Of course you should use your credits to enjoy whatever aspect of the Caesars Rewards program you want, but if you want to squeeze out as much value as possible betting smartly with long odds means you can really rack up the Online Rewards Credits and Tier Credits to catapult yourself into higher tiers. 

Using Caesars Reward Credits

Caesars Reward Credits are a very versatile rewards currency, and can be exchanged for a ton of different things, ranging from simple shopping trips to extravagant holiday experiences at global resorts. 

Caesars rewards lv grand prix

Use your Reward Credits to experience the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Vegas!

Ways to Spend Your Reward Credits

After building up a solid Reward Credit balance, there are plenty of ways to redeem them:

  • 'Free' Play - Redeem 200 RCs for $1 of betting at retail casinos
  • WSOP - Buy in to WSOP events ($1 per 200 RCs generally)
  • Dining - Redeem RCs at participating, with varied redemption rates (usually no worse than $1 per 200 RCS)
  • Spa - redeem Reward Credits for spa treatments and relaxation
  • Hotels - RCs can be used for booking rooms and early check-out perks
  • Shopping - 55+ resorts to shop at, with more online
  • Tickets - Live events and exclusive Rewards events

How to Sign up for Ceasars Rewards

Signing up for Caesars Rewards is a simple and straightforward process - and it won't cost you a thing! With the current promotion for the Caesars Sportsbook, we recommend signing up there first so you can claim a slew of Tier and Rewards Credits that will go right into your Rewards account.


Claim Your Caesars Sportsbook Rewards Promo

To enjoy the benefits of the Caesars Sportsbook Rewards promo, just hit one of the green buttons on this page to be sent over to the betting site to get started.

Promo Code: BBFULL

Not only will you get a $1,250 bet on Caesars, you will also be able to claim 1,000 Tier Credits and 1,000 Reward Credits just for wagering!


Register Your Account

You'll need to provide some general information to create an account with the sportsbook:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • DOB
  • SSN

This is all totally standard, and helps ensure the regulatory bodies are able to safeguard online betting.

Following this you will be asked to upload a copy of a government ID and recent utility bill or bank statement to verify your identity.


Link to Caesars Rewards

The next, and probably most important, step is to link your Caesars Sportsbook account to a Caesars Rewards account so you can earn more Reward Credits and start enjoying the benefits of the sportsbook and loyalty program integration.

Signing up to Caesars Rewards is simple, just input a few personal details and you'll be up and running.

When you're on the Rewards page you can easily link your Caesars Sportsbook to your rewards account, and see the bonus Credits come in!

Managing Your Caesars Rewards Account

My Caesars Rewards

Jason Mancini

Jason Mancini

My Caesars Rewards, or myRewards is the central hub to view and redeem any and all accrued Credits. You can download a separate app to quickly view your Reward Credit balance and Tier status.

It is also the hub for redeeming your RCs for all the various perks and discounts associated with Caesars Rewards - as well as how you can transition Online Rewards Credits earned from the Caesars Sportsbook to normal RCs.

Caesars Sportsbook Rewards FAQ

How much are Caesars Rewards Credits worth?

Reward Credits as part of this loyalty program have no cash value, but they can be exchanged for a number of different rewards.

On Caesars Sportsbook:

  • 100 Reward Credits are worth $1 in Bonus Cash
  • Earn 1 Reward Credit for every $5 of potential profit on a wager, capped at 2 RCs per $1

Reward Credit Value Elsewhere:

  • 100 Reward Credits are worth $1 in most cases for Hotels, Dining, and Shopping
  • 200 Reward Credits are worth $1 for free play in retail casinos

Tier Credits are basically just a measure of what tier status level you have earned, as they cannot be redeemed at all - but when you move into new tiers you'll enjoy a number of increased perks and new benefits, along with discounted rates.

Do Caesars Rewards expire?

As long as you earn at least 1 Reward Credit every six months, your credits will not expire.

Tier Credits always reset on January 1st, but you will retain the highest status earned in the pervious year for the entire year.

Is Caesars Rewards worth it?

If you spend a lot of time visiting and spending at Caesars affiliated destinations, then there is a lot of value to be gained from being a Caesars Rewards member through discounted rates and cheaper offers.

Additionally, if you use the Caesars Sportsbook frequently, you can really rack up Reward and Tier Credits that can then be turned back into bonus cash on the sportsbook.

How to link Caesars Rewards to sportsbook?

It is incredibly easy to link your Caesars Sportsbook account to your Rewards account - all you need to so is register for both the rewards and sportsbook (we certainly recommend Caesars Sportsbook as you can earn a ton of credits just for placing your first wager), sign into the rewards account and link with your betting account!

It only takes about a minute and you'll see all the Reward Credits you've earned sports betting show up in your Rewards account.

What can you get with Caesars Reward Credits?

There are a ton of different things you can get by redeeming Reward Credits:

  • Bonus Cash on the Caesars Sportsbook
  • Dining, hotel, shopping, and spa experiences
  • WSOP buy ins
  • Credit Play at retail casinos
  • much more!

How do I check my Ceasars Rewards balance?

The easiest way to check your Reward Credit and Tier Credit balance is through the Caesars Rewards app, which will show all the relevant information about your account, tier status, and where you can redeem your credits. It is also the best place to transfer Reward Credits to Online Reward Credits for use with Caesars Sportsbook.

On Caesars Sportsbook you can also see your credit balance for Reward Credits and Tier Credits on your account information, under Caesars Rewards.

Caesars Sportsbook Rewards - a quick recap

It's pretty obvious that the Caesars Rewards program is a huge loyalty program spanning destinations all over the world, as well as having a significant online integration with the Caesars Sportsbook.

You can earn and spend Reward Credits on a number of things, as well as continuously increase your tier status to enjoy additional perks.

The best thing about the Cearsrs Rewards program is the integration with Caesars Sportsbook. If you're a new customer you can take advantage of an awesome welcome offer where you can earn a ton of reward credits and tier credits just by signing up and placing a wager on the sportsbook. Get your hands on a $1,250 bet on Caesars, and 1,000 Reward and Tier Credits right away. 

Plus each bet you place can net you credits to be turned back into bonus cash on the sportsbook