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Best Dutch betting sites

Overview of the Dutch sports betting sites

Online sports betting is a common option for Dutch players and thankfully they have a large amount of options to choose from when it comes to events and sites that they can place wagers on.

Sportsbetting sites in the Netherlands

There are a large number of betting sites available for players that are known around the betting world including sites like Betfair, Bet365 and William Hill. These bookmakers all offer their own positives and drawbacks, allowing the player to find whichever site suits their needs the best.


Unibet is a widely known and highly popular betting site throughout Europe due to their wide selection of sporting events to choose from. They cover not only the most popular of sports such as football and ice hockey that many other sites have, but they also many niche sports that players will be sure to love. They also can get in game odds on the site if you feel like jumping in during the middle of the action.


Bettson is a great site for those who are only worried about their bets and not interested in watching live sports directly on the site. They offer a number of different sporting events from across the globe, including American sports, while also offering players the chance for in match betting while displaying live stats.


Betsafe is a great option for the player who does not want to miss a minute of the action as they offer live streaming of events including some of the most popular events. Additionally, the wide selection of both major and minor sports means that you will be sure to find something that you would be interested in wagering on.

Welcome bonuses & Free bets for Dutch players

Dutch players are able to reap the benefits that come along with playing some of the world’s largest bookmakers while still playing online. Many of these will include matching deposits with free bonuses, allowing a push when making parlays and even enhanced odds on certain sites.

The legal situation of sports betting in Netherlands

The Netherlands Gaming Control Board was formed in 1966 with the purpose of regulating gambling. The government wanted to be able to control all sorts of gambling and betting, but faced a bit of a hurdle when the online market started to explode. The state wants to keep profits “in-house”, and has authorized “De Lotto” to operate the sports betting scene in this country. This means that the only state licensed site as of right now is the Toto website. Regulations are meant to be changed in the near future to make it possible for more operators to offer betting services, but the process is very slow. Dutch players can still access a number of foreign betting sites as the state has previously been unsuccessful in trying to block international betting operators.

Common sports to bet on in Netherlands

The most common sports to bet on are football and field hockey, which both have strong followings due to their continual success. The Dutch also enjoy betting on combat sports, specifically Muay Thai and Kickboxing, due to the popularity and worldwide success of individuals from the country.

FAQ Sports betting in Netherlands

Before getting started with sports betting it can be a good idea to look into the laws and regulations of the country as well as taxes and currency. This information is useful to avoid any confusion.

Is sports betting legal in Netherlands?

Yes, sports betting is legal but there are restrictions. The state has only one licensed operator, which is available to all Dutch players. There are also a few foreign betting sites that currently accept Dutch residents.

Can I play with the euro?

Yes,  Dutch players can use euros for sports betting.

What deposit and withdrawal methods can I use as a Dutch player?

One very popular payment method that is widely used in the Netherlands is iDEAL. This is an online payment processor connected to most banks. Dutch players can also use debit and credit cards as well as e-wallets including Paypal, Skrill and Neteller.

Are Dutch players taxed on winnings?

No, they are not. However, Dutch players who use unregulated betting sites can be taxed 29% on their winnings.