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Best betting sites for cash out

We list and rank the best betting sites for cash out

Cash out betting sites

The days of waiting for a game to end to receive your winnings are behind you. Today, the possibility to cash out your winnings at anytime is standard practice for most online betting sites.

Just a quick note. This is not a page about making withdrawals from bookmakers. If you are looking for information about payment methods and withdrawals, check out this page.

Betting sites cash out

  1. 100% up to £100 in bet credits

  2. 5 x £20 Free Bets

  3. Bet £10 & Get £30 in Free Bets

  4. 50% up to £100

  5. Bet £10 get
    £30 in free bets

  6. £30 Free Bet

  7. Bet £10 get £30 in Free Bets

  8. Bet £5 & Get £30

  9. £30 Bonus Money

Cash out a great feature from several points of view. It can be used for both securing a win early, or limit a loss if the bet you placed is going down the hill. This makes it very useful in many scenarios.

Different betting sites offer the cash out feature to different extents.

Different betting sites offer the cash out feature to different extents. Therefore, we at Bookiesbonuses have listed our absolute favourites among the betting sites’ cash out features. If you are a fan of using cash out, check out the betting sites in our list.

What is cash out? - Cash out meaning

The cash out function offers customer the chance to close a bet before the match is over. This means that you bet on a result during a match and close the bet before the match is over. The cash out function has recently become popular with customers and therefore also with the betting sites. If you want to read more about the cash out function then we recommend you read our betting guide about cash out.

The difference between full cash out and partial cash out

The standard practice for bookmakers when it comes to the cash out feature, is to only offer a full cash out. This means that you can receive a suggested amount of money if you close your bet. And it is either all or nothing. Some bookmakers, such as Bet365 and Betfair offer their customers a so called "partial" cash out. This means that you can close part of your bet, while letting the remaining part live.

An example of this is a football bet where your team is up 1-0 at half time. You placed a £10 bet before the game at 3/1. If you let the bet stand, you would win £30. You still think they will win, but the bookie offer you a partial cashout, where you can cash out your initial wager of £10 and still have a chance to win £15, instead of £30. This is a partial cash out, since you let part of the bet stand, while cashing out the other part.

Whether a partial cash out is worth it or not, is of course situational. But it is always nice to be given as many options as possible when it comes to betting. The more power in your own hands, the better.

Best betting sites for cash out

Bet365 cash out

100% up to £100 in bet credits

  • Take control and close your bet completely or partially
  • Best betting site for Cash Out

The world’s largest betting site, bet365 was first with the Cash Out function and is still the best. The Cash Out function is available for all single and combination bets at bet365. The function applies to both pre-game and live bets. At bet365 you also have the opportunity to close bets partially which only a few other betting sites offer. To add to that, Bet365 has the best automatic cash out on the market. With the automatic cash out you can set a fixed sum and if the value of the cash out reaches it, your cash out will be made automatically.

Claim £100
T&C apply, +18

Betfair cash out

5 x £20 Free Bets

  • Full and partial cash out
  • Both in sportsbook and exchange

Betfair has got a huge following and a great reputation. Mainly due to the fact they offer both a sportsbook and, classically, a betting exchange. When it comes to their cash out-feature, it is offered on both events from the sportsbook and the exchange. Betfair offer you both full and partial cash out, and the feature is available on desktop and mobile device, via website or betting app. Also, they offer a automatic cash out-feature.

Claim £100
T&C apply, +18

William Hill cash in

Bet £10 & Get £30 in Free Bets

  • Full and partial cash out
  • Easy to use

Some bookies call the cash out-feature “cash in” instead. But it means the same thing. William Hill is one of those bookies. Similar to the cash out of Betfair, William Hill offer both full and partial cash out, on both single bets and multiples. This means they cover everything except the automatic version.

10bet cash out

50% up to £100

  • Many markets available
  • Full and partial cash out feature

10Bet offers a smooth cash out function. Some people believe that the function is for cowards and some say it’s for the smart people. Either way, you can use the cash out function with 10Bet for a number of different sporting events and markets. At 10Bet you can use the cash out function both before the match and once the match is underway. Both full and partial, for both singles and accas.

Claim £100
T&C apply, +18

Coral cash out

Bet £10 get
£30 in free bets

  • Full and partial cash out
  • Works well in the Coral sports app

Coral is a well-respected British bookie with a long history in the business. With that comes the demand to offer a great product, which Coral does. They do this via a lot of great functions and features, including the cash out. It works for both a full and partial cash out.

Claim £30
T&C apply, +18

Cash out in betting apps

In general, there is no difference between cashing out on a desktop or in the app on your smartphone. Some betting sites might offer a more comprehensive version on the desktop, but those days are mostly behind us. Today the paradigm is “mobile first” and to that end bookies tend to offer even more things on the mobile, in terms of offers and features, to give them an edge.

Cash out Strategy

As a general rule, cash out is always to the bookies advantage. Over time they make about 15% more than without the cash out function. That is because they pay out less in relation to what your bet is “worth” at the point of cashing out. There are, however, some instances where a cash out-function can be valuable.


Let’s suppose you have placed a 5-fold acca on four football upsets and one “safer” bet. The four upset games are played on Saturday and somehow you are correct in all the games. That means you have 4/4 with one game remaining on Sunday. If you have the possibility to cash out, now is the time. The winnings from the cash-out, although less than if your 5-fold wins, has a lot of value. The risk vs. reward in this case outweighs the (around) 15% you might lose.

FAQ Cash Out

What is cash out?

Cash out is a feature that lets you secure a win or limit a loss, by closing the bet before the event is over.

Which betting sites offer a cash out-feature?

Almost all betting sites today offer a Cash out-feature. For the recommended ones, check the lists above.

Why should I use a cash out-feature?

Good question! In general, the bookies make money off the cash out-feature. But it is situational. If you feel that a cash out is in your interest, might be that your team is winning but a player gets sent off, you should use it. Also on accumulators with one game remaining where you risk to lose a lot of your winnings, it might be an effective function.