Enhanced odds promotions

Boosted Odds at Guts

Enhanced odds Sportsbook 27 April 2017

The early bird really does catch the worm, especially when it comes to hopping on The Guts Rocket to shoot for those boosted odds. Read more

SuperLenny Power Odds Specials

Enhanced odds Sportsbook 27 April 2017

SuperLenny is feeling generous, and have decided to give us a profit-boost with powered odds for a variety of different sporting events. Read more

Mybet Combo of the Day

Enhanced odds Football 23 January 2017

As if Sundays weren't amazing already, Mybet has sweetened the deal even more for us with 10% profit on top of our Sunday combo of the day. Read more

Improved Odds at Mybet

Enhanced odds Football 23 January 2017

Why settle for average odds when you can get them improved for you? That is exactly what Mybet is doing for us on a whole range of selected matches. Read more

Stan James Happy Hour

Enhanced odds Horse Racing 16 November 2016 - 30 December 2016

Over at StanJames.com they know how to serve up their customers during happy hour, especially when it comes to the race track. Get a boost every saturday. Read more

William Hill Enhanced Odds

Enhanced odds 21 October 2016

William Hill are boosting their prices for us for a huge selection of sports, and the best part is that they are doing this on a daily basis. Read more

Enhanced odds

Enhanced odds has become an increasingly recurring phenomena with betting companies out there. The odds has in effect been “enhanced” as a way of attracting players. Similar offers are usually in place in connection with big matches. If you’re looking for enhanced odds, then you can rest assured that the offers are exactly as generous as they seem at first glance. Just make sure to check the terms and conditions as the enhanced odds are usually paid in the form of free bets that you will have to use.

The terms and conditions for enhanced odds can be a little tricky to navigate through. There is usually a set amount that qualify for the offer - any bets over the set amount are in this case not valid for the offer. The winnings are only for the difference, as in the amount that has been enhanced. The winnings are usually in the form of free bets. Although, it is important to underline that different enhanced odds comes with different terms and conditions attached, so remember to read up on this beforehand.

The great thing about enhanced odds is that you have nothing to lose, especially if you’re happy with the original odds. If you think that a team has a good chance at winning a match and the odds is then increased from two times to four times the amount of your bet - then the enhanced generally just comes with benefits. The only drawback is that the winnings usually comes in the form of free bets, and it is also not uncommon that the turnaround needed to qualify can limit the chances of benefitting from the boost. So, just make sure to read through those terms and conditions before you do anything - if the teams chances are good enough and that you are able to qualify for the turnaround.

Along with enhanced odds comes the opportunity to set the odds high, since the odds are not connected to the team's’ chances to win. This is why these kinds of offers are a fun addition to the game - it is quite rare that you put a single game to four, six or eight times the betting amount. However, if you take enhanced odds into account then this is something that is quite obtainable. The drawback is like we’ve mentioned before, that there can be a few bumps along the road to claiming your winnings, but this can be a very fair price to pay when you manage to nail high odds on something that originally never had high odds attached.