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Welcome to BookiesBonuses.com, your ultimate guide for finding the best online bookmakers and betting offers.

At Bookies Bonuses, we take great pride in our long history within sports betting across many different countries. Through the years, we have helped tens of thousands of people to find both betting sites and offers that suit the needs of each individual punter.

Our story


Our background lies in poker and betting. We love it. And when it comes down to it, we are just a bunch of blokes excited by the thrill of betting. 

As the years have passed, we have developed both a greater understanding of betting and, more importantly, a greater understanding of bookmakers. This is why we feel confident in the bookies we recommend.

Our Evolution

It all began in 2006, when we created our first poker website. It was not a huge success and to be honest, it was just a side project, but it was our passion and we felt it was the right path to go down. 

Then, in 2009, we launched the first version of BookiesBonuses.com. We put a lot of effort into it - even though we had other jobs on the side - but it didn't catch fire from the get-go

Between 2009 and 2016, with high hopes, we launched several sports betting-related websites in the Nordic countries and Germany. We had some success, but BookiesBonuses.com was still not where we wanted it to be.

Bookies bonuses team

At Bookies Bonuses, we do our best to innovate and stand out in a crowded market.

Success Story

When we started working on the project full-time, in 2016, BookiesBonuses.com took the next step.

It didn't happen quickly, but finally, we started to see some significant traffic. With the increasing number of visitors, we felt huge motivation and expanded the team.

In 2017, we hired a number of full-time employees and some more freelancers to run the website on a daily basis.

Where We Are Today

We now have several people working on the content to make it a great help for you and your betting.

The UK remains our primary market for BookiesBonuses.com, but we have also launched a US site and have pages for over a dozen other countries, too.

Hundreds of bookmakers are listed on this website - making Bookies Bonuses one of the most comprehensive comparison websites in the industry.

The team

Ben Smith

Ben Smith

Team Captain

Ben spends a lot of his time sifting through betting sites and writing reviews and articles, as well as keeping readers abreast of all the latest offers. Not averse to a bet himself, he particularly enjoys darts - much to the amusement of some Swedish colleagues.

  • Why he's here: Loves sports betting, and has a background in content writing
  • Favourite page: Bookies Bonuses homepage
  • Aim for this year: Make Bookies Bonuses the biggest affiliate site in the UK
Jacob Ljunggren

Jacob Ljunggren

Project Leader

As project leader, Jacob is responsible for keeping everything up to date and maintaining the high standard of Bookiesbonuses.com. Also, he is an avid sports fan with Arsenal closest to his heart.

Mason Kelliher

Mason Kelliher

SEO Specialist

Mason just lives and breathes content. He's the sort of guy that would rather lap up a two-hour seminar on Google's search engine results pages than kick back with some popcorn and watch Pulp Fiction.

  • Why he's here: Obsessed with building websites and pages
  • Favourite page: Our US homepage
  • Aim for this year: Make Bookies Bonuses an internationally-renowned platform

As seen on


  • In June 2022, we teamed up with GOAL and conducted an interview with ex-Arsenal man and current Sky Sports commentator, Alan Smith.
  • The topics discussed were mainly based around the Gunners' transfer activity for 2022.
  • Read one of the articles here.


  • Before the 2022-23 season, we collaborated with Metro to interview former Manchester United defender Gary Pallister.
  • The newspaper's online platform published a number of articles using quotes from the interview.
  • Here is one of the articles from GOAL.

Liverpool Echo

  • After Metro and ourselves did the interview with Gary Pallister, numerous other publications created content based on the stories we gathered.
  • Liverpool Echo was one of them, as the Reds were mentioned by Pallister during the conversation.
  • They cited Bookies Bonuses in this article.


How we work

When it comes to the world of betting, some things are easy to understand, but other things require a bit more nous. By undertaking a thorough examination of the huge world of bookmakers, we try to make sense of it all for your benefit. 

The goal is always to list the best betting sites in the market at the current moment. But the goal is also to give you a product that covers all the bases of online betting. 

We have guides, rankings, and promotions, and we even do the interviews with the odd ex-footballer for a bit of fun on the side. 

First and foremost, we do everything that can help you explore and develop your betting skills and make you a better punter.

We look at several different factors that include security, range of markets, and variety of offers. We list a breadth of betting sites to provide you with the best online bookies at any given time. 

Our staff update our main bonus list on a monthly basis, and it’s always kept up-to-date.

In our bonus lists, rest assured that we only list trustworthy sites. This is to make sure that your betting experience will always be of a high standard and avoid the problems that less reputable betting sites might cause you. 

If you experience any problems along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!

How we make money

We want our product to be free for you to use. But to keep the content at a high level, it is important to have the right people working with it. To hire the right people is not an easy task, and you can't do it for free. 

In order to pay for our employees, we need to make money. We do that through affiliate marketing. Read more about this here.

We hope you will enjoy your visit, and we are convinced you will find what you are looking for.

Happy betting!