Our business model

We believe that our website is of great help for anyone looking for betting sites and betting offers. But to keep making a top-tier product, we rely on a great group of experts to create content for us. To be able to have a great group of experts, we need to pay them.

But we will never put our service behind a pay-wall. We want our services to be free to all.

Instead, we use affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common types of business today. Most newspapers do it, and many websites are built around it. Whenever you have booked a flight, hotel or dinner via a third-party service, you have probably contributed to affiliate marketing.

What this means is that the betting sites that we refer you to will pay us for the service of providing them with traffic. This is, as previously stated, a standard business practice of websites that compare hotels, travels of restaurants, but also of for example content creators.

Whenever you click on a link on our site, it is an affiliate link that will tag you as being referred from us. It is of course up to you, but we would be grateful for your click if you have enjoyed our services.

How does this affect our objectivity?

This does not affect our objectivity. We have a long-term plan of building a really good platform for you, the users, and in order to make the best product possible, we need to always be as honest and just as we can. That is why we keep our integrity at the highest level, and try to provide you with what we currently think are the best betting sites and offers.