NFL Betting Promotions

NFL Betting Promotions

11 August 2022

Betting on the NFL has become a favorite American pastime, and there is no better way to place a wager than by having a nice bonus added on. Our list showcases the latest and greatest NFL and Super Bowl Betting Promotions the industry has to offer.

NFL Betting Promotions

The NFL season is one of the most exciting and anticipated parts of the year for many, and with sports betting such a rapidly growing industry it's not just about watching the games anymore. 

Betting sites are rolling out NFL betting promos to bring in new customers and keep existing users happy. We've looked hard to find the betting sites with the best NFL promotions, and here they are. 

Betting Sites with NFL Promotions

  1. 2 Risk Free Bets up to $2000


  2. 20% Deposit Bonus up to $1000


  3. Up To $1,250 On Caesars


  4. Bet $5 Get $125


  5. 2nd Chance Bet up to $500


  6. $1000 Risk Free Bet


  7. Bet $1 & get $200 in Free Bets

    New customers only. NJ & CO only.

  8. $500 Risk Free Bet

    $500 in PA/VA only. $250 in AZ/IA/IN/NJ.

  9. Bet $100 Get $100

    AZ/CO/IN/LA/MI/NJ/NY/TN/VA only.

  10. Bet $10 Get $50 in Free Bets

    CO, VA only.

  11. 2nd Chance Bet up to $500

    CT/NJ/PA/ only.

  12. Bet $50, Get $250

    CO/AZ only.

  13. $250 Risk Free Bet

    CO/IA/IN/NJ/PA only.

  14. $10 Free & $1000 Risk Free Bet


  15. 100% Deposit Bonus up to $750

    CO/NJ only.

What kinds of NFL Betting Promotions are there?

NFL betting promos can generally be split up into a few categories:

While there are occasionally other main types of betting bonuses and betting promotions to watch for, you'll almost always find that any rewards you can claim are given out as free bets to be used on the betting site

NFL Free Bets

Free bets for the NFL are a perfect way to wager on games. Since you are basically just betting without risking your own money, you can enjoy testing out new ways to bet or putting a wager on longer odds without needing to worry. Of course, you can always use them to supplement regular betting too!

Almost all NFL betting promotions will reward you with free bets to use on the betting site, with some promotions being specific to letting you earn free bets from betting a certain amount or on a particular event. 

NFL Free Bet Promotions

SI Sportsbook NFL Bet Builder Bonus Banner

SI Sportsbook handed out free bets just for building a wager with their Bet Builder tool

There are a ton of variations for free bet promos, so you can generally find one that suits exactly how you want to bet. Using NFL betting promotions can be a great way to add value to your wager, and even incentivize trying out different types of betting. Some free bet promos are tied to parlays, others are for live betting or even just for wagering on props. 

Bet and Get Promotions

'Bet and Get' promos are some of the most common free bet promotions for the NFL, which require you to wager a certain amount and claim free bets once the wager settles. These are always great as most bet and get promos don't even need you to win!

Bet and Win Promotions

Virtually identical to a 'bet and get' promo, 'bet and win' offers let you wager on something, and if you win get rewarded with additional free bets. This is a nice kind of promo if you're feeling confident about your wager, and a great way to get some added value from a payout without changing anything.

Latest NFL Free Bet Promos

BetMGM Multi Sport Missions - Free Bets!

21 November 2022 - 4 December 2022

BetMGM Multi Sport Missions give you the chance to earn free bets just by wagering on a selection of different events. If complete all the missions you'll even earn an extra bonus! Read more

BetMGM Promotion - First TD Scorer Insurance

8 September 2022 - 8 January 2023

Take a punt on the first Touchdown scorer of an NFL game with BetMGM ready to give back your full stake as free bets if you pick wrong. Up to $25 is available as insurance for ... Read more

MaximBet Promo - Nicki's 4-Day Weekend $15 Free Bet

8 September 2022 - 31 October 2022

Music icon Nicki Minaj is taking her role as the face of MaximBet seriously and is the namesake of this $15 Free Bet promotion. Earn a free bet for the weekend by wagering on ... Read more

SI Sportsbook Third & Long - Free Bets on Parlays

7 September 2022 - 4 January 2023

SI Sportsbook is making NFL parlay betting even better with a chance to snag up to $60 each week in free bets! Get a little extra out of your parlay wagers with a betting site ... Read more

Betfred Sports Promotion - NFL Free Bets for Early Wagers

6 September 2022 - 4 January 2023

If you're ready to wager on the NFL weekend early, earn some free bets for placing your wager before the games start! 20% back on Tuesday, 15% back on Wednesday - it pays to be ... Read more

How to Use Free Bets on the NFL

Once you've won or received your free bets from a NFL betting promotion, it is important to know how to use them to bet on the NFL.


Choose what to bet on

The obvious first step is to decide what you want to bet on - maybe you're looking to bet on next weekend's game, and now you can without putting up your own cash.

Given the popularity of the NFL, there are a huge number of football markets you can wager on, from props all the way to getting creative with Same Game Parlays on a number of betting sites.


Make a qualifying wager

The first thing to check when you place a free bet wager is what restrictions may be associated. Sometimes there are limitations to odds or events (they wouldn't want to make it too easy to win some free cash!).

  • Odds Restrictions - You may find that when placing a wager with a free bet you may have minimum odds, for example, free bets may need your odds to be at least -150.
  • Event Restrictions - While most free bet bonuses are open to how you can use them, sometimes free bets are tied into specific events. Super Bowl promos are a good example of this, where you can earn free bets to use on the championship game, but no other events.

Meet the turnover requirements

Usually, this doesn't come into play, but a turnover requirement is how many times you have to play through a bonus amount (in this case free bets) to claim winnings.

Most betting sites will just ask you to wager the free bets once, and you'll be fine to withdraw your winnings!

  • With free bets, you are only eligible to withdraw winnings, not the whole bet stake. So if you place a $10 free bet on a wager with +200 odds, you won't get the implied $30 payout, you'll just receive the profit of $20.

It seems a lot more complicated than it actually is, but do remember to read the T's & C's so you don't find your free bets expiring or only able to be used under certain conditions.

NFL Parlay Promos

It's no surprise that one of the nation's favorite ways to bet is being rolled into one of the nation's favorite sports as an NFL betting promotion. 

Parlay promos for the NFL can be offered in a few different ways including parlay insurance, bet and get, as well as boosted odds. 

Betmgm super bowl promo bet 10 get 30
What is NFL parlay insurance?

Parlay insurance for the NFL works in the same way as parlay insurance one other sports and events - if a single leg of your parlay wager on an NFL game loses, you'll be reimbursed a certain percentage or amount as free bets.

This is a fantastic NFL betting promo because the NFL is one of a few sports that can be used for same game parlays, meaning you can place multiple wagers on a single game!

Here is a breakdown:

  • Opt-in to a parlay insurance promo
  • Place your qualifying wager
  • If the bet loses you will be eligible to reclaim a portion of the loss as free bets!

Depending on the betting promo, the insurance will pay out as a percentage or fixed sum if you had to place a set amount as your stake.

Latest NFL Parlay Promos

BetRivers Promo - NFL Same Game Parlay Insurance

11 September 2022 - 9 October 2022

Sunday is for football, and BetRiver's NFL Same Game Parlay Insurance promo means you can worry about the game, not your bet. Get up to $25 back as a free bet if one leg of your ... Read more

SI Sportsbook Third & Long - Free Bets on Parlays

7 September 2022 - 4 January 2023

SI Sportsbook is making NFL parlay betting even better with a chance to snag up to $60 each week in free bets! Get a little extra out of your parlay wagers with a betting site ... Read more

Super Bowl Betting Promotions

Super Bowl season is rife with amazing betting offers, with most betting sites taking advantage of one of the most bet on and watched events on the sporting calendar. 

You can frequently find free bets for the Super Bowl, or even try out a parlay on the game with insurance or a boosted payout if you win. The Super Bowl is a massively important even for betting sites, and they know people will be exited about backing their team if the right promo comes about - so keep your eyes open as we add more here, even if you're not a new user!

Best Super Bowl Betting Promos

Pointsbet Promo super bowl

PointsBet's 'bet and get' promo could be used to bet live on the Super Bowl!

There are quite a few factors that can make a Super Bowl betting promotion worthwhile, and it even depends on whether or not you're a new customer or an existing user. As far as what the 'best' betting promos are it really depends on how you like to wager, but we always like bonuses that give massively boosted payouts for the Super Bowl, or free bets just for wagering!

Avery Hutchison

Avery Hutchison

As a new customer:

When you're first signing up to a betting site with a Super Bowl promo on offer, the first thing to catch you're eye will probably be the value of the bonus. Most Super Bowl sign-up offers are typically 'bet and get' or 'bet and win' promotions, where you wager a certain amount and get rewarded with free bets to use on the championship game, or even just a massive boost on your winnings!

  • Example: during Super Bowl LVI Fanduel Sportsbook ran a promo of Bet $5 Win $280. This was a 56x return on your initial qualifying bet (56 for Super Bowl 56), and let you win a ton of cash for a really small wager. This was a great promo as it returned your bonus as cash if you bet won, instead of free bets that would need to be wagered again.

As an existing customer:

If you already have an account on a betting site, the promotions around the Super Bowl are never quite a big, but you can still count on finding a few promos to take advantage of. Look for parlay promos, or even specific wager types to get some value on the Big Game.

  • Example: Caesars Sportsbook has fantastic promos, and their Super Bowl promo had existing users wager on particular props for the game, and if they picked 7/10 correctly, users would win a $56 free bet! Not to bad especially if you already enjoy wagering on props for the NFL.

Latest Super Bowl Betting Promotions

Betfred Super Bowl LVI - $25 In-Play Free Bet

8 February 2022 - 13 February 2022

Create a Super Bowl Parlay and get a $25 In-Play Free Bet to wager once the game starts! No need to wait around with Betfred to put that Free Bet to good use. Read more

BetMGM Super Bowl Promo - Win Free Bets for Super Bowl LVI

10 February 2022 - 13 February 2022

Multiple BetMGM Super Bowl Promos let you earn more than $200 in Free Bets this Super Bowl weekend! Read more

Caesars Sportsbook Super Bowl LVI - Bet the Props

4 February 2022 - 13 February 2022

Bet the Props with Caesars this Super Bowl and have the chance to win a $56 Free Bet! Read more

Caesars Sportsbook Super Bowl LVI - Same Game Parlay

4 February 2022 - 13 February 2022

Earn a $56 or $560 Free Bet alongside your winnings if you win a $10+ Single Game Parlay! Read more

DraftKings Sportsbook Super Bowl LVI - Bet $5 and Win $280 in Free Bets

30 January 2022 - 13 February 2022

On Super Bowl Sunday, new users can win $280 in free bets from a $5 winning wager! Read more

NFL Promo Codes

Good news if you're keen on betting on the NFL, you don't usually need to worry about clunky promo codes - save these for the retail shops!

Betting sites in the US have almost completely shifted to offering promotions for NFL betting without needing any codes, you can just opt-in when you're all registered for the sportsbook. 

What's the fuss about NFL Betting Promotions?

If you've spent any time at all looking through betting sites, you'll know that promotions are a pretty important thing, both for bringing in new users and keeping existing users happy. 

During the season we see a pretty significant uptake of NFL promo offers to use on football weekends, so you can pretty much constantly get some added value for you wagers. Taking advantage of NFL betting promos during the season can earn you NFL Free BetsSuper Bowl Bonuses, and even Boosted Payouts.

Don't miss out on grabbing a few betting bonuses for the NFL, and even if betting on football is your go to, there are plenty of other betting bonuses to check out for other sports and events. 

NFL Betting Promotions FAQ

Can I bet on the NFL?

Yes, the NFL is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the US, and most betting sites offer deep and varried markets to give you a ton of options for wagering.

Are there NFL betting promotions?

There are numerous NFL betting promotions throughout the season, especially for the Super Bowl and key matchups.

You can find 'bet and get' promos, parlay insurance, odds boosts, and even free-to-play events.

  • Caesars Sportsbook
  • PointsBet
  • BetMGM
  • FanDuel Sportsbook
  • DraftKings Sportsbook

How to get NFL Free Bets?

You can get free bets for the NFL from pretty much every promotion on a betting site, as almost all rewards are in the form of free bets.

When signing up to a new betting site you can usually claim free bets based on your deposit or following an initial wager, or even a risk-free first bet.

What are NFL promo codes?

NFL promo codes are not necessary to claim betting promotions. Most betting sites have completely done away with physical codes, so you can claim welcome offers just by clicking one of the green buttons on this page to get sent through to the sportsbook.

For existing users, just opt-in to promos, still no code needed!

Are there Super Bowl betting promotions

Yes! The Super Bowl is one of the biggest betting events of the year, and betting sites roll out the red carpet for bettors making it a great time to snag a few Super Bowl promotions when placing your bet.

There are options for new users as well as existing users to get some extra value when wagering on the championship game.