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Low Wagering Casino Bonuses

May 28, 2024

See the best legal US casino bonuses with the lowest wagering requirement before the bonus funds turn into cold, hard, cash!

Jason Mancini
Associate Editor

Low Wagering Requirements Casino Bonus

The wagering requirement is arguably the most important factor to consider when claiming online casino sign-up bonuses, mainly because it directly impacts how likely you are to end up with cash once you play through the bonus funds. And let's be honest, it sucks to end up with a bonus that makes you wager your bonus funds way too many times before you see any winnings.

Right now wagering requirements for casino bonuses are pretty diverse in the US, ranging from 1x all the way through 30x, which is definitely in the realm of absurd. We've ranked the best casino bonuses in the US by their wagering requirements below, so you can find the lowest wagering requirement casino bonuses right away. 

Last Verified: April 23, 2024

Legal & Licensed Online Casinos

Aside from the low playthrough requirement, these casino bonuses are great because they are all offered by fully licensed and legal online casinos. At Bookies Bonuses we only show legit offers and review reputable gambling establishments, so you know your money is secure, and the games are fair based on state and federal legislation.

What is A Wagering Requirement?

If you haven't already clicked on the green claim buttons above to claim one of the casino bonuses with the lowest wagering requirements, you might just be wondering what is a casino wagering requirement?

Wagering Requirements are also called Playthrough Requirement, or Turnover

A wagering requirement refers to the number of times an online casino requires bonus funds to be bet before winnings are converted to withdrawable cash. 

Why low wagering requirements are better for casino bonuses

Each time you wager with an online casino, there is a chance to lose - so needing to wager your bonus funds multiple times just increases the odds of losing more money since on average casino players only get back between 91-97% of their bet. A high turnover means more money is going through the casino before you get to keep any of it. Here's an example of a $100 casino bonus, with different wagering requirements:

  • $100 bonus with 1x wager requirement: $100 total needs to be bet
  • $100 bonus with 5x wager requirement: $500 total needs to be bet
  • $100 bonus with 10x wager requirement: $1000 total needs to be bet
  • $100 bonus with 30x wager requirement: $3000 total needs to be bet

As you can see the higher the wagering requirement, the more money you need to bet in total. While the assumption is you won't lose everything in one go, if you slowly reduce the total amount of bonus funds you have, over time it takes longer and longer to playthrough that amount since there is less in your bankroll and therefore less money you could possibly win at the end of the turnover. 

We've expanded on the calculation below with some more examples and factored in RTP to show the benefits of low-wagering bonuses. 

Why Low Wagering Bonuses are Better

Expanding on the above example of the $100 casino bonus, we've broken down three different wagering requirements, and are using a 95% RTP (return to player) average to demonstrate a slightly more realistic way the bonus funds can be converted with a full play through when actually being bet.

The RTP is basing the turnover on retaining 95% of the bonus funds for each given stage of the play through (which in practice means the full value left in the bonus funds will be wagered more than the wagering requirement number as it refers only to the total initial bonus amount, ie. you will likely end up betting all of your bonus funds more than 10 or 30 times since you will be statistically playing with less after each play through of the value at hand)

1x Wagering Requirement

1. $100 x 95% = $95

If you play through the entire bonus amount, any winnings left are yours to keep, which in this case can be up to $95

    5x Wagering Requirement

    1. $100 x 95% = $95

    2. $95 x 95% = $90.25

    3. $90.25 x 95% = $85.74

    4. $85.74 x 95% = $81.45

    Nope, we're not quite there yet, since the total value wagered to meet this requirement must be $500, and after playing through all bonus funds 5 times, the total is only at $452.44

    5. $81.45 x 95% = $77.38

    Now you can withdraw these funds, and you'll see that even after just a 5x the amount left is nearly $20 less!

      20x Wagering Requirement

      1. $100 x 95% = $95

      2. $95 x 95% = $90.25

      3. $90.25 x 95% = $85.74

      4. $85.74 x 95% = $81.45

      5. $81.45 x 95% = $77.38

      29. $23.78 x 95% = $22.59

      30. $22.59 x 95% = $21.46

      Yikes. compared to the low wagering requirements bonuses there is really not very much money left over, at over $70 less than the 1x turnover! Also, we've stopped the 30 times turnover number, not the actual value, since in total only $1592.19 has been wagered, and $2000 is the actual amount needed. (If we ran the calculation out to the $2000 value, you actually would need to bet the full amount of bonus funds more than 150 times, but because you start playing with $0.01 eventually, you can't actually place bets so it becomes impossible. The only way to complete this wagering requirement would be to win at a higher rate than 95% on average, or even just get lucky with a few big wins.)

        No Wager Bonus Casino

        We would love to say there are no wager bonuses for online casinos, but sadly every online casino in the US has some sort of wagering requirement. That being said, there are a couple of cash-back casino bonuses that technically don't have a wagering requirement since you're not playing with bonus funds.

        The next best thing is a 1x turnover, which lets you immediately withdraw winnings from your bonus funds:

        Newest No Deposit Casino

        Caesars Palace Online Casino - $10 Sign-Up Bonus

        Casinos with Low Wagering Requirements

        FanDuel 1x Wagering Requirement Casino Bonus

        Bet $5 Get $150 in Bonus Bets

        FanDuel has a pretty unique low-wagering casino bonus and is one of the few casino insurance bonuses in the US. New players can enjoy 24 hours of play following their first wager, with net losses being refunded as bonus funds to use again on the site.

        All bonus funds on FanDuel Casino have a 1x wagering requirement, making this the lowest wagering casino bonus in the US right now.

        ✅ High potential value ($1,000)

        ✅ 1x wagering requirement

        ❌ Short insurance time

        BetRivers 1x Wagering Requirement Casino Bonus

        2nd Chance Bet up to $500

        BetRivers is renowned as having one of the best online casinos in the US, which makes sense given the pedigree of the Rivers casino brand. For the first 24 hours of play on the BetRivers casino, all net losses will be refunded as bonus bets up to a total of $500, so you have a little more flexibility to try out some new games without worrying quite as much about losing your money since you'll have a chance to win it back with a low turnover bonus.

        All bonus funds on BetRivers Casino have a 1x wagering requirement, making this tied for the lowest wagering casino bonus in the US right now.

        ✅ Bet insurance promo for 24 hours

        ✅ 1x wagering requirement

        ❌ Not the highest value

        DraftKings 1x Wagering Requirement Casino Bonus

        20% Deposit Bonus up to $1000

        DraftKings Casino actually has three different casino welcome bonuses that you can choose from, but we think this Deposit Match is the best because you don't need to lose money to claim the bonus, and the 1x turnover is an awesome perk that makes it way easier to convert your bonus funds into cash.

        All welcome bonus funds on DraftKings Casino have a 1x wagering requirement, making this tied for the lowest wagering casino bonus in the US right now.

        ✅ Deposit match bonus

        ✅ 1x wagering requirement

        ❌ Not the highest value

        Bally 0x Wagering Requirement Casino Bonus

        Strong Loyalty Program

        Bally Casino is one of the few cash-back casino welcome bonuses, which means you don't need to worry about turnover at all! If you lose more than 90% of your initial deposit within the first week of making your first bet, you'll get a cash reward equal to your initial deposit amount, up to a maximum of $100!

        The Bally Casino cash-back bonus is the same as a 0x wagering requirement, making this technically the lowest wagering casino bonus in the US right now.

        ✅ Cash Back Bonus

        ✅ "0x' wagering requirement

        ❌ Not the highest value

        Low Wagering No Deposit Bonuses

        No deposit casino bonuses tend to be quite varied when it comes to wagering requirements, with some asking for huge turnovers to convert winnings into cash, while others keep it low since the actual value of the no deposit bonus is already quite low. 

        But remember that the bonus funds were given out just for signing up, so anything left over at the end is pure profit.

        Best Low Wager No Deposit Bonus

        No deposit casino bonuses tend to be quite varied when it comes to wagering requirements, but remember that the bonus funds we given out just for signing up, so anything left over at the end is pure profit.

        Low Playthrough Casino Bonus FAQ

        What is a wagering requirement?

        A wagering requirement (also called playthrough or turnover requirement) is the number of times you need to bet the entire value fo your bonus funds, before they are converted into withdrawable winnings.

        Why are low wagering requirement casino bonuses better?

        The fewer number of times you need to wager your bonus funds before they become cash the better, since it reduces your chances of losing money as you play through the bonus.

        If you expect to get back a little less than 100% of your bonus funds after playing through the whole amount, each time you need to play through the value you will have less money to play with, so it takes longer to complete the turnover and you'll likely end up with much less at the end.

        Which online casino has the lowest wagering bonus?

        The lowest wagering requirements of any casino bonuses are 1x:

        • FanDuel Casino - 24 Hours Play It Again up to $1000
        • BetRivers Casino - 100% Match Bonus up to $500

        The best part about both of these casinos is the 1x wagering requirement is across all casino bonuses even after you've claimed the sign up bonus!

        Are there no deposit bonuses with low wagering?

        No deposit bonus wagering requirements are quite varied, but there are some with low wagering requirements:

        • Caesars Casino - $10 Sign Up Bonus - 10x Wagering Requirement
        • Borgata Casino - $20 Sign Up Bonus - 1x Wagering Requirement
        • 888casino - $20 Sign Up Bonus - 30x Wagering Requirement
        Do casino bonuses have wagering requirements?

        Yes, all casino bonuses have wagering requirements in the US for bonus funds, but they are not always that bad with the majority offering bonuses at 10x or lower.

        Cash back bonuses are the only offers that don't have wagering requirements because they don't refund players with bonus funds, just cash - though you will have to lose your money before it gets refunded no not exactly a bonus, more like insurance.

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