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ClutchBet Promo

$250 Bet Match over the first 5 weeks


ClutchBet is working hard to bring a number of innovative betting features to players in the US, and on top of that have one of the best selections of promotions you can claim after signing up we've seen. Of course there are some areas that need improvement, but this is a small sportsbook that has really come to play, with solid same game parlays, a fun head to head style prop betting feature, and a well designed mobile app. 

ClutchBet Promo Code Colorado: CLUTCH1000

ClutchBet Promo Code Iowa: CLUTCH200

ClutchBet score

  • Good promo variety
  • Quick Parlay feature
  • Same Game Parlays on multiple sports
  • Limited sport markets
  • No mobile site
Bonus offers
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience
Customer Service
Overall Rating
ClutchBet quick facts
Game TypesSports Betting
Deposit MethodsPayPal, Skrill, Paysafe, VIP Preferred, Visa, Mastercard
Withdrawal MethodsPayPal, Skrill, Debit Card, VIP Preferred
AppsiOS, Android
Customer ServiceEmail, Phone, Live Chat
OwnerBlueBet USA Inc.
Founded Year2014
HeadquartersDenver, CO
Bonus CodeCLUTCH250

ClutchBet Review

ClutchBet has really started to settle into the sports betting scene in the US, and the rebrand from BlueBet has kept all the quality features the Australian betting site was known for, and transitioned them well to an American audience. 

There is a lot of room for ClutchBet to grow right now, as it is rather limited in availability and the sports offered are somewhat lacking if you're looking for smaller competitions and more international leagues. But the odds are fairly competitive, and Same Game Parlays are already a major feature which is rare for small betting sites. 

The promo variety offers some impressive value to returning players

While ClutchBet is lacking a dedicated mobile website, wagering on the desktop and through their iOS and Android betting app is very straightforward. A few minor UX issue do persist through the mobile and desktop versions, but the bet slip functions very well and makes it easy to combine different wagers into parlays, which is a selling point of the betting site. 

What We Like About ClutchBet

  • Solid variety of promotions
  • Good Same Game Parlay options
  • Quick parlay feature

What We Don't Like About ClutchBet

  • Limited markets
  • No mobile site yet

Where is ClutchBet Legal?

ClutchBet is currently legal and licensed in Colorado & Iowa.

The betting site is expecting to launch in Louisiana, and Indiana soon, but for the moment you'll need to be within those state lines to wager.

ClutchBet Welcome Bonus

Considering ClutchBet is still a fairly small betting site in the US, the welcome offer for new users is objectively excellent - $200 Bet Match for the first 5 weeks, up to a total of $1000! (CO only, 100% Bet Match up to $200 in Iowa)

Bonus bets have become the most popular welcome offer, and for good reason. You only need to place a small wager to be given a good chunk of bonus bets to use on the site, and this bonus isn't tied to winning either, so even if you lose out on your wager you are guaranteed to get 100% of your first bet each week matched. 

Clutch bet 1000 bet match bonus bets

How to Claim the ClutchBet Bonus

  1. Register with ClutchBet
  2. Enter ClutchBet Promo Code CLUTCH1000
  3. Make your initial deposit
  4. Place your first wager - at least $10
  5. Have this amount matched 100% up to $200*
  6. Bet up to $200 each week, and have it matched 100%

You can choose how you want your bonus bets to be awarded either in 2, 4 or 6 equal chunks, so you get a lot more freedom when wagering with your bonus bets!

*In Iowa the bonus is capped at $200 from your first bet with Promo Code CLUTCH200, no subsequent wager in the following weeks will award bonus bets

ClutchBet Promo Code

ClutchBet Promo Code Colorado: CLUTCH1000

ClutchBet Promo Code Iowa: CLUCTH200

Just hit one of the green buttons and you'll be automatically sent over to sign up, where you can enter these exclusive promo codes and lock in the bonus bets!

ClutchBet Sportsbook

The actual sports betting is the most important aspect of any betting site, so we want to highlight ClutchBet's betting features and markets early on in the review. 

Overall, ClutchBet delivers a really solid betting site, with a decent selection of the more popular sports, and some deeper betting markets globally. There is a lot of room to expand on these areas, as many of the major US betting sites offer more sport variety, and a larger selection of markets that include more props, futures, and international leagues than we currently see on ClutchBet. 

ClutchBet Sports

  • Australian Rules
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cycling
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

ClutchBet does offer some pretty cool betting features that help make wagering more enjoyable, including a decent selection of Same Game Parlays, a quick parlay tool, and a unique head to head style of wagering called Clutch Clash. 

ClutchBet Parlays

ClutchBet offers traditional multi sport parlays that you would expect from all modern betting sites, but they also feature a decent selection of Same Game Parlays. 

ClutchBet Same Game Parlays

You can wager Same Game Parlay on Football and Basketball right now, but given the emphasis on parlays with ClutchBet, they are certain to add more sports to this list as they expand. 

ClutchBet Quick Parlay Tool

The quick parlay tool is incredibly useful if you're looking to put together multiple bets. The top navigation bar lists all available sports that can be added into a parlay, but the selections are limited to Spread and Moneyline.

It would be a great addition if Same Game Parlays could be created with this tool, and additional markets were added, as it is a bit limited right now.

Clutch Clash

Clutch Clash is a unique betting feature that lets bettors select winners in head to head matchups on key stats. There are quite a few players and stats you can wager on with this feature in the NFL and NBA, and this is certainly going to expand into more sports. 

Clutchbet clutch clash screenshot

Clutch Clash pits two players against one another through different player props


  • QB stats like completion percentage
  • RB stats like yards per carry
  • WR stats like longest reception


  • Rebounds
  • Assists
  • Points
  • more!

Clutch Clash Example

Looking at the NFL, you can wager on stats like passing yards in a game, and pit two QBs against each other.

Let's take Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes -

The player backs Brady over Mahomes to throw more - this starts the Clutch Clash. Whichever QB throws for more yards in the matchup will win the head to head wager, and if you've picked right you win.

  • You can back multiple different props in each Clash, basically creating a player prop parlay between two players.

ClutchBet Promos

Promotions are a pretty important part of any betting app, and we're happy to say that ClutchBet has continued to lean into what helped grow their popularity in Australia and deliver a good variety of promos to existing users

Types of ClutchBet Promos

Bonus Bets

Bonus bets are the most common type of promo on any betting site, primarily because they are how promotions are paid out. For most ClutchBet promos, you'll be rewarded in bonus bets that you can use to wager again on the site, without risking any of your own cash!

Odds Boosts

Odds boosts are a popular promo on ClutchBet, and you'll see them every day for different events and props. Odds boosts, and sometimes parlay boosts, increase your potential winnings, making your money go further on a correct wager. If you were already planning on betting, finding an odds boost will make it much sweeter.

Bet and Get

Bet and Get promos have become increasingly common, and ClutchBet has rolled out a few. All you need to to with a bet and get is wager a certain amount on a particular event or type of wager (the NFL, or a parlay for example), and you'll be rewarded with bonus bets win or lose!

The Bet and Win promo is a it different, as your wager will need to be correct for you to get a reward.

Head to Head

ClutchBet has focused on head to head style promos recently, where you can pick certain players to win in stat categories over another. These are usually accompanied by better odds, so it's worth checking out the Clutch Clash section.

ClutchBet Promo Code

ClutchBet is one of the few betting sites in the US that requires a promo code:

ClutchBet Promo Code Colorado: CLUTCH1000

ClutchBet Promo Code Iowa: CLUCTH200

ClutchBet App

ClutchBet was designed with mobile use in mind, which has made for a pretty simple to use and well laid out mobile app. Both the iOS and Android versions run very smoothly, and can be accessed directly from the betting sites home page when you first sign up. 

Clutchbet app preview april 2023

ClutchBet iOS App

The ClutchBet iOS app is available directly from the App Store.

Tech Specs:

  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later
  • 4.0/5 Stars
  • 81.1mb

ClutchBet Android App

The ClutchBet Android app is available directly from the Play Store.

Tech Specs:

  • Requires Android 5.0 or later
  • 4.6/5 Stars

ClutchBet Payment Methods

ClutchBet Deposits

  • VIP Preferred
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • PaySafe Cash

With the exception of PaySafe cash which can take a while, all deposit methods are instant, so you can get betting right away. 

Our one major issue with ClutchBet at the moment is the lack of card use to deposit funds. This is expected to change soon, but for the moment the easiest solutions is to open up an e-wallet account like PayPal - which we feel is the best way to move funds when betting regardless. 

ClutchBet Withdrawals

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • VIP Preferred

Withdrawals initially take 1-3 days, but we have found that once your PayPal or Skrill accounts are linked, you can see funds much quicker. 

ClutchBet Support

If you have questions, concerns, or issues with ClutchBet there are a number of ways to get in touch with their support team:


Phone: 1-888-368-2221

Live Chat: In-app 24/7

We found that the support team is fairly quick at responding, which is a great sign. Additionally, there is a substantial FAQ on the app and website that answers most common queries about banking, betting, and bonuses. 

A Clutch Betting Experience?

ClutchBet Review Recap

Jason Mancini
Jason Mancini - Associate Editor

Overall ClutchBet is a really solid sports betting site, and it wouldn't take much to be propelled into the top tier in the US. There are a lot of things that ClutchBet does right, and a few areas that need some work:

Clutch Clash is a really interesting betting feature that pits two players against eachother in a head-to-head prop matchup. You can string together a player prop parlay that may be risky normally, but since it's a head to head bet, you don't need to be correct about something like passing yards, it just need to be more that the other player!

Promotions are a huge part of what makes ClutchBet exciting, especially considering how generous the betting site is even while it's still small. New player get a solid welcome offer, but once you start betting the promos don't stop, and there are a ton of ways to grab some bonus bets.

❌ Sports betting markets are the biggest downside to ClutchBet right now, as they're a bit limited compared to the top sportsbooks in the US. While we can't expect a new betting site to immediately roll out thousands of markets, once ClutchBet expands these selections a little more to feature some more global and niche sports, it will be a serious player in the sports betting industry. At the moment it is fantastic for major sports, and the bonuses make up for any missing markets.

Miss anything?

ClutchBet FAQ

What is the ClutchBet welcome offer?

ClutchBet's welcome offer is currently a $200 Weekly Bet Match for the first five weeks. These 'bet and get' offers have become increasingly common, and for good reason as you get a bonus whether your first wager wins or lose, and it doesn't take a big bet to claim a solid chunk of bonus bets!

Here you'll be able to bet a total of $1000 over five weeks and get an equal amount as bonus bets!

Where is ClutchBet legal?

ClutchBet is legal and licensed in the following states:

  • Iowa

Coming Soon:

  • Indiana
  • Colorado
  • Louisiana
Does ClutchBet have a mobile app?

Yes! ClutchBet is available on both iOS and Android, and you can download the apps directly from their respective app stores.

What is Clutch Clash?

Clutch Clash is a unique head to head betting feature from ClutchBet, and lets you pit certain players against one another.

It is available for the NFL and NBA, and features key stats the rushing yards, assists, rebounds, or pass completion percentage.

ClutchBet review

ClutchBet sign up bonus

$250 Bet Match over the first 5 weeks