Sporttrade review:

Sporttrade Bonus

Up to $300 Cash Back with Promo Code BBST

Up to $500 Cash Back over the first 7 days
21+ only. New customers only.
NJ/CO only.
Deposit required. Earn 3% cash back on each qualifying wager through the first 7 days of betting, up to $500. The promotional period begins after the first wager. Cash back will be awarded within 72 hours at the end of the player's 7 day period as a single sum.
See full T&C at Sporttrade.


Stock Exchange meets Sports Betting? That's the vision behind Sporttrade, the latest betting exchange in New Jersey and Colorado. 

The betting exchange model of Sporttrade allows players to set their own lines for events, as well as buy and sell outcomes at any time through the game as long as another bettor is on the other side of their wager. Modelled after a stock portfolio, players can see any outcomes they have purchased a 'share' in with the helpful portfolio, and have the option to sell whenever they want.

Reasons to Try Sporttrade:

  1. The betting exchange model allows for better profit margins as there is no sportsbook setting the vig. Instead Sporttrade takes a 2% cut from all winning outcomes, which still gives them better implied odds even after this cut. 
  2. The cash back bonus is a great incentive to test out the betting exchange over the first week of use, since 3% of all purchased outcomes will be returned as cash, even if you win, or sell. 
  3. Since you are betting on an exchange platform, you have the option to buy and sell outcomes at any time, so you don't need to wait for the sportsbook to allow a cash out or adjust the lines as you buy and sell to other players. 

If this sounds like a fun way to bet on sports (or trade outcomes to stick with the Sporttrade terminology), use promo code BBST to claim an exclusive Cash Back welcome bonus. 

Sporttrade Pros & Cons

  • Exchange Betting Model
  • Higher Profit on Wagers
  • Able to Set Your Own Prices
  • Limited Markets
  • App Only
  • Only available in NJ and CO
Bonus offers
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience
Customer Service
Overall Rating

Sporttrade Review

Sporttrade app store preview

Sporttrade is the second betting exchange to launch in the US, but unlike traditional sports betting exchanges, Sporttrade has taken the initiative to deliver a product that works more like stock trading. What does this mean exactly? Basically you are buying and selling outcomes on a given event, at any time. 

So the old trading adage of 'buy low, sell high' actually applies here, since you can theoretically take a punt on a team with a low probability to win, and then if they start strong sell that outcome at a higher value and keep the difference - even if they ultimately end up losing. 

And because Sporttrade only takes a flat 2% commission on winning bets, the actual profit from using the exchange will be higher than a traditional sportsbook even when you factor their cut in. 

What We Like About Sporttrade

The fresh take on a betting exchange is a big plus for Sporttrade in out books, and while it may seem a little daunting for new players to jump into a system that relys on other bettors to match the flip side of their desired wager, the ability to set your own lines and take odds that will leave you with more profit is always worth considering. 

You can sell your position whenever. This is really one of the best features of the betting exchange, and make live betting a great experience since you don't need to wait for the sportsbook to dictate new odds or freeze markets during the game. As long as another player is set to match the opposite side of your outcome, the buy or sell order will be processed almost instantly. 

Higher profit margins generally. Sporttrade operates by taking a small fee off the profit for each winning outcome, which means there is no vig associated. No vig means better odds, and better odds mean more profit even after you factor in the 2% mark.

No betting limits. As you're not playing against the house, there are no strict betting limits on Sporttrade as long as another player is willing to take the opposite side. While you may struggle sometimes as a high roller on a betting exchange, generally there are few issues with having a bet matched, and the liquidity pool for outcomes is usually three or four figures at all times so most smaller wagers can be processed immediately. 

    What We Don't Like About Sporttrade

    Aside from the lack of availability in multiples states right now, there are a few issues with Sporttrade from a functionality perspective as well as more general problems that a betting exchange deals with in a new market. Although we expect many of these problems to go away over time, for players looking to jump right into the betting exchange these are some facts to remember.

    Limited markets and sports. The biggest downside of Sporttrade right now is the lack of available markets and sports. But considering how new the betting exchange is this makes sense as they want to prioritize popular sports and markets that large numbers of people will be wagering on to increase the number of available outcomes players can buy and sell immediatly. 

    No real promotions. Aside from the welcome bonus, Sporttrade doesn't offer additional promos for users. While this can be annoying if you really like hunting for offers, the odds are generally always more favorable so for standard betting you are better off. And as you wager against other players, having an 'odds boost' would directly impact another user. 

    Mobile only platform. Having a mobile betting app is really important in our view, but Sporttrade only offers their exchange on mobile with no desktop option. Normally this is fine, but given the additional complexity of betting exchanges many player who are likely to use the platform may want a desktop option to really dive into the probability calculations when buying or selling, which is more difficult on an app. 

    Sporttrade Bonus

    The Sporttrade Sign Up Offer is a little different than other betting sites in the US, in the same way Sporttrade is different from traditional betting sites. They offer a 3% Cashback on all qualifying wagers, up to a total of $300. The welcome bonus period runs for 7 days after your first real money wager, and is calculated based on the outcomes bought. Selling outcomes does not increase the amount. 

    How the Sporttrade Welcome Bonus Works:

    While it may seem a little complicated on the surface, the Sporttrade bonus is actually pretty simple when you dive into the details. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

    • 3% of each bought outcomes contributes
    • Sold outcomes to not increase the contribution
    • All wagers over the first 7 days count (from the first bet)

    And that's pretty much it, each time you buy an outcome on Sporttrade, 3% of the value is added to the cash back bonus that you receive at the end of the week. And while you may need to put a total of $16,667 into the betting exchange to claim the full $500 cash back, remember that you don't need to lose this money, as you can sell the outcome right away and the contribution remains. 

    The purpose behind this is to help build the liquidity of the new betting exchange so more markets and players can enjoy the fast paced buy and sell style of sports 'trading'. Akin to actual stock trading, the more outcomes that are purchased at different values of each side of the result offer more ways to buy and sell for other players. 

    Sporttrade Promo Code


    Sporttrade does require a promo code to claim this exclusive offer, but our code BBST will net you $500 cash back over 7 days.

    Full Sporttrade Review Coming Soon!

    Sporttrade review

    Sporttrade sign up bonus

    Up to $300 Cash Back with Promo Code BBST

    Up to $500 Cash Back over the first 7 days
    21+ only. New customers only.
    NJ/CO only.
    Deposit required. Earn 3% cash back on each qualifying wager through the first 7 days of betting, up to $500. The promotional period begins after the first wager. Cash back will be awarded within 72 hours at the end of the player's 7 day period as a single sum.
    See full T&C at Sporttrade.