SuperBook Sportsbook review:

SuperBook Sportsbook Promo

up to $250 Bet Match

21+. AZ/CO/MD/NJ/OH/TN. New Customers Only. Promo Code required. Must place Qualifying Wager with odds of -200 or greater on the same day of signing up to receive bonus matching the bet stake up to $250. Bonus funds are applied as 25% of qualified cash wagers until exhausted, and only bonus fund winnings are eligible to be withdrawn. Unused bonus funds expire agter 30 days. Full T's & C's apply, visit SuperBook Sportsbook for more details.

SuperBook Sportsbook Pros & Cons

  • Early Cashout options
  • Odds boosts on select markets
  • Focus on in-state teams
  • Limited international markets
  • No Same Game Parlays
  • Only top leagues available
Bonus offers
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience
Customer Service
Overall Rating

SuperBook Sportsbook Review

SuperBook Sportsbook is one of the first online betting sites in the US, and is continuing to expand across the States. While it may not have seen the same explosive growth of other betting sites, SuperBook quietly offers a robust betting site for US sports, and provides potentially lucrative promotions when singing up or referring a friend to join as well.

Superbook sportsbook app screenshot

SuperBook is available on both iOS and Android

What You Should Know About SuperBook Sportsbook

Bonus & Promos - 8/10

The bonuses and promos on SuperBook Sportsbook are a a bright spot for the betting site. SuperBook offers new users a fantastic welcome bonus in the form of a bet match, up to $250. We this this type of welcome offer is much better than your usual 'second chance bet' or 'risk-free bets' that require you to lose the first wager - here you get the bonus regardless of the outcome!

SuperBook also rolls out occasional promotions for existing users to enjoy, ranging from odds boosts on certain events, promos for teams in the state you're betting from, all the way to traditional bet and get offers and referral bonuses.

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Sports & Odds - 6/10

Betting sites are built on letting users wager on a ton of different sports and profit with competitive odds. SuperBook Sportsbook does well by hosting competitive odds with a fairly low juice, which is great for bettors looking to squeeze out every penny from a wager.

Where SuperBook falls short in our eyes is the limited number of sports and betting markets they offer. Without a doubt they provide solid selections for major US sports and some of the more popular international sports, but if you want to wager on more niche sports or second tier teams then you will struggle to find many available, and the market to bet on will be severely limited to more traditional moneyline or spreads.

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Betting Features - 6/10

SuperBooks Sportsbook covers all the basic betting feature well, giving you the option to create some parlays, bet on live events, and even cash out your wager before the end of the game.

The glaring exception that really hurst SuperBook is the lack of customisable Same Game Parlays. SGPs have become a staple for US betting sites, especially for major sports like football, basketball, and soccer, but SuperBook has let this feature slip past them to their own detriment. There are options for 'Same Game Parlays' on major sports, but these are generally pre-made, only a couple legs, and take away the enjoyment of creating a SGP.

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User Experience - 7/10

There isn't too much to complain about the UX on SuperBook. The design of the mobile app is simple but straightforward, making navigation relatively easy when searching through most of the various markets on offer, with some tedious dropdown menus for player props. SuperBook is on both iOS and Android as native built apps, which helps them run smoothly and quickly as long as your device is up to the task, but even on a slightly older phone there wasn't much lagging or buggy issues. This holds true with the desktop version.

The biggest issue is the different apps required for each state, which can make it incredibly annoying to wager if you're crossing state lines and need to pull up a second app, or if you live near a border and the geolocation is struggling to place your location.

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Banking & Payment Speed - 6/10

Banking is an area that needs improvement on SuperBook, which is a bit surprising considering how long they have been active. The main saving grace is the ability to use PayPal, although this is limited to just deposits in some states.

Payout speed is generally pretty average considering the options you have available, but expect to wait up to about 3-5 days for your money since ACH transfers are the easiest option.

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Customer Support - 8/10

SuperBook Sportsbook covers the necessary forms of contact with their customer service options, giving users a telephone number and an email/contact form to reach out with any issues, as well as a live chat feature if you navigate through to the FAQ and click 'contact us' at the bottom.

The FAQ is quite robust and can generally answer most of the important questions. There are some frustrating aspects like looking into payment methods that are explained, but are all separated into different answers making navigating annoying.

Read more about SuperBook Sportsbook Customer Support ↓

✅ The Good

While it seems a little basic if you're used to very polished betting sites like FanDuel, the SuperBook Sportsbook design is actually a pleasantly simple look, making navigation easy. This carries over nicely into a well put together mobile app, which benefits from simplicity and runs quickly as long as your operating system is up to the task.

SuperBook is split into different betting sites and mobile apps depending on which state you're in, which can be a bit annoying if you cross state lines and need to pull up and sign into a new app, but it also allows SuperBook to highlight in-state teams for odds boost and other promotions

We also like the competitive odds and promotions that can help give you and edge and boost your potential winnings. 

❌ The Bad

Without a doubt the biggest issue with SuperBook Sportsbook right now is the limited markets and lack of popular betting features. If you are only looking to wager on major US sports then this might not be much of an issue, until you stray away from the more basic traditional wagers. 

There are rather limited parlay options, which forces you to pick simple money, over/under, or spread if you want to combine bets. And then there are Same Game Parlays - or should we say there are no real Same Game Parlays

SuperBook Sportsbook Welcome Offer

up to $250 Bet Match

21+. AZ/CO/MD/NJ/OH/TN. New Customers Only. Promo Code required. Must place Qualifying Wager with odds of -200 or greater on the same day of signing up to receive bonus matching the bet stake up to $250. Bonus funds are applied as 25% of qualified cash wagers until exhausted, and only bonus fund winnings are eligible to be withdrawn. Unused bonus funds expire agter 30 days. Full T's & C's apply, visit SuperBook Sportsbook for more details.

The SuperBook Sportsbook welcome bonus is actually quite good, especially because the $250 Bet Match is not tied to your first wager winning or losing!

100% of your first wager will be matched as bonus funds up to $250, so no matter what happens with your wager you'll end up with some fund to bet with. You will need to wager on a market with odds of at least -200, so you can't back heavy favorites on this first wager. 

Once you have your bonus fund, 25% of each wager going forward will be placed with these funds until they are fully used up - so if you bet $100, $75 will be cash, and the other $25 will be bonus funds!

SuperBook Sportsbook Promo T's & C's

  • Must be 21+ in an eligible state
  • Minimum odds of -200
  • Maximum bonus of $250
  • Bonus funds are applied as 25% of each wager until used up
  • Only winnings are rewarded as withdrawable cash
  • Bonus funds expire in 30 days

For full terms and conditions visit SuperBook

SuperBook Sportsbook Promos

Along with the welcome offer, SuperBook Sportsbook rolls out the occasional promotion for existing users to take advantage of, giving them boosted odds, bonus funds to wager on the site, or even parlay insurance to back up the riskier wagers. 

Superbook promotions screenshot

SuperBook offers promotions to existing users for certain events

Types of SuperBook Sportsbook Promotions

SuperBook Odds Boosts

Odds Boosts are the most common type of promotion on SuperBook Sportsbook - being featured regularly for in-state teams depending on where you use the betting site.

These boosts change all the time, but if you're a regular bettor it's always worth checking to see which odds have been boosted that day so you can take advantage of the bigger possible payout!

SuperBook Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend promos are a great way to snag some bonus funds from SuperBook just for having a buddy join the site. This offer has changed a few times for SuperBook, but most often you can refer a friend and claim $50 each in bonus funds once they register, deposit, and wager a set amount.

Bet & Get

SuperBook Sportsbook offers 'bet & get' promotions around big events, particularly UFC. While the exact terms tend to vary, the general idea is when you wager a certain amount (bet) on select markets or sports, you'll be given some bonus funds (get) that can be wagered on SuperBook.

Only winning from these bonus funds will be eligible to withdraw, but they have the same value as cash when betting!

Parlay Insurance

This is sadly a very uncommon promotion on SuperBook, mostly because the parlay betting on the sportsbook isn't very good. When this is offered, typically players who create a parlay for a particular event will be able to claim a refund of bonus fund when a single leg of their parlay loses.

The amount bettors will get back can vary from 100% up to a certain amount, down to 25%.

Overall, the bonuses and promotions on SuperBook are one of the best things. While the promotions for existing users a bit too infrequent for our liking compared to some of the other betting sites we review, the welcome offer is excellent and helps bump up the score here. If you're looking for frequent promotions, our favorite betting site is Caesars Sportsbook

8/10 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

SuperBook Sportsbook Sports & Odds

If you're a fan of betting on US sports then you'll be quite satisfied with SuperBook Sportsbook, as they offer all the top leagues and even a selection of smaller and more global sports. 

Superbook sports odds mockup

Unfortunately this is where the SuperBook stops being 'Super.' If you want to wager on global sports, or second tier leagues there is a good chance you won't actually find them on SuperBook.

The top leagues from popular sports all feature a nice selection of betting markets like:

  • Moneyline
  • Spreads
  • Over/Under
  • Props 

However, if you manage to get lucky and find a more obscure league, you'll only be able to wager on basic markets like moneyline. 

List of SuperBook Sports

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • MMA
  • Auto Racing
  • Aussie Rules
  • Tennis
  • Boxing
  • Baseball
  • Rugby

SuperBook Sportsbook Odds

SuperBook has made it a goal to provide odds for events as quickly as possible to users, and use their own in-house odds for every event. 

Since SuperBook Sportsbook provides their own odds, there is no third party involved which allows them to set lower juiced line, giving the player more profit on each successful wager. 

How Do SuperBook's Odds Compare?

The odds on SuperBook are in line with other major betting site in the US, meaning they typically offer a standard juice that can be improved with their odds boosts. Here is an example of what your profit would look like on a $100 spread bet with the standard spread betting lines from SuperBook.





It is incredibly rare to see lines on any betting site less that -110, so we can happily report that SuperBook's odds are very fair compared to the rest of the US sportsbooks we look at.

The ~$10 that comes from the difference between -110 and even 100 lines is the vig betting sites take as a cut, and you almost never see -105.

SuperBook Sportsbook has a great foundation as a betting site in the US, and keeps pace with other major sportsbooks by offering competitive, in-house odds. The issues with the betting on SuperBook comes from the lack of deep betting markets and limited number of sports, which is certainly not an issue on more popular betting sites like bet365 and DraftKings Sportsbook

6/10 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

SuperBook Sportsbook Betting Features

SuperBook Sportsbook provides users with a solid selection of betting features to go alongside the markets and sports they offer. As you'd probably expect from one of the oldest betting site in the US, players can choose to bet in a number of different ways, including parlays and live betting

Types of Betting on SuperBook Sportsbook


SuperBook Sportsbook does allow certain games and events to be parlayed, but only for Moneyline, Over/Under, and the Spread. You can create parlays between different sports, but again this is limited to game lines, meaning you can't combine any futures markets or player props.

Given the popularity of parlay betting in the US, this is quite a limitation when betting, and doesn't allow you to get creative with bets.


SuperBook does a great job of making their Teasers feature easy to use, but it is limited to football and basketball.

If you want to bet a teaser, there is a separate tab on the betslip that automatically combines the spread or O/U markets you'e selected, giving you the option to increase the spread and points total coverage by a little bit. The amount you can change depends on the selections you've made, but generally you can find between 5-6 points is the standard.

Round Robins

Basically a breakdown of your 3+ leg parlay into individual matchups, Round Robins are a fun way to hedge your bet a little if you think one leg may not come in. A cash out feature is available for Round Robins as well, and there is a pretty noticeable increase in potential profit over traditional parlays on SuperBook.

Live Betting

Live betting options on SuperBook are ok, the major limitation is the number of sports and global markets on the betting site. With a deeper set of betting markets and more sports, players would have the chance to bet live more regularly, instead of needing to wait for the select few sports on SuperBook to be happening.

When you do wager on in-play markets, there is a handy graphic to show what's going on through the match, which does help you stay on top of the action, and are updated quick enough to not impact betting negativly.

SuperBook Live Streaming?

No, SuperBook doesn't offer any options to live stream games currently. This is a big feature that is setting many of the top betting sites apart, especially now with Caesars Sportsbook streaming select NFL games, and many NHL games on BetRivers.

SuperBook Same Game Parlays

Out of everything on SuperBook Sportsbook, the Same Game Parlays are probably our biggest gripe, and earn a huge thumbs down from us

In fact, it's actually pretty difficult to rate the SGPs on SuperBook considering they really don't even exist. The best you'll be able to find are pre-packaged 'SGPs' on NBA, NHL, or NFL games, most of which are just incredibly basic or boring that don't even make much sense, and it takes away from the fun of being able to build the bet yourself. 

SuperBook In-State Teams

The focus on in-state teams is a really nice touch by SuperBook, as it highlights local teams (well local professional teams) in a convenient spot to wager on. This is especially nice when you can find an odds boost to bump up the potential payout.

SuperBook Cash Out

Cashing out bets early on SuperBook is actually pretty easy, since any wager that can be cashed out is shown on your active bets screen. There is a handy cash out icon you'll be able to see when you're betting if the market is eligible for a cash out, but these are almost always the standard game line of Spread, O/U, and Money. 

Our rating for SuperBook Sportsbook's betting features really shouldn't be this low, but the glaring lack of proper Same Game Parlays really can't be overlooked in the modern sports betting industry. If SuperBook wants to keep users happy and compete with the competition like FanDuel Sportsbook and PointsBet, they will need to revamp their betting features to add choice to Same Game Parlays and even work on some live streaming. 

6/10 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

SuperBook Sportsbook User Experience

We've split our breakdown of the SuperBook Sportsbook User Experience into a few different sections to highlight some of the really good features as well as point out our frustrations when using the app. 

Considering how long SuperBook has been around, we would have expected a slightly more modern feel for the app, with some of the nice UX features top tier sportsbooks like FanDuel have employed (page navigations, favorites, better market organization), but there isn't a ton to complain about here and SuperBook does a good job of delivering a solid enough UX. 


Overall the navigation on SuperBook Sportsbooks is pretty good. The fairly simple layout and more limited markets make it easy to sift out the markets you want, with each bet organised into its own dropdown menu.

This is both good and bad, because you can clearly see what betting market you want to open, but when looking at team and player props, you are faced with a different dropdown for each player, within each different prop.

  • For example, betting player assists in an NBA game typically would show a dropdown under the category 'assists' with each players and the odds ready to be selected. On SuperBook it's organised to show every individual player and prop as its own dropdown (LeBron James - assists, Anthony Davis - assists, etc.) which is a strange design choice.

You can always search for the individual market or team you want to wager on, which is pretty good on SuperBook, and will show all available markets for the player or team you search.

✅ Search Function

✅ Bet Slip

❌ Market Menus


The SuperBook Sportsbook app can run quite well with and up to date device and good internet connection, but it can feel a little slow at times compared to other top tier betting apps.

This is more noticeable as you flip between the betslip and different tabs like 'promotions,' as well as with in-play betting graphics that don't feel as smooth.

The desktop version doesn't struggle as much, but we much prefer the ability to wager on a handheld device, and while SuperBook isn't bad, it just isn't at the same level as market leaders.

😐 App Speed


Security is a top priority for betting sites in the US, and SuperBook adheres to all regulatory security checks for both sign ups, money transfers, and data encryption when using a desktop.

Looking at the mobile app, SuperBook has been built with both ease and safety in mind, letting users enable key features like Face ID to safely and quickly get into the sportsbook.

✅ Face ID

✅ Fingerprint


SuperBook Sportsbook is available on both iOS and Android - directly from their respective app stores.

3.4/5 stars3.3/5 stars
iOS 11.0 or laterAndroid 7.1 and up
67.3 MB~70 MB

A major downside of SuperBook Sportsbook is the different apps for each state. If you want to use SuperBook all over the US, you'll need to download a different app for AZ, CO, IA, NJ, OH, and TN. While this may not be an issue for most people, especially since the state borders don't really overlap yet, when SuperBook makes it into new states just driving from NY to NJ will require you to log into a different app to actually place the wager.

✅ iOS & Android

❌ Apps for each state

SuperBook Sportsbook App

Superbook betting app comparison

The UX on SuperBook Sportsbook isn't bad. The design is a little dated but the simplicity does help with navigation, especially when you need to sort through the many dropdown lists to find the correct player prop and market you want to wager on. We think that BetMGM is one of the best mobile apps available, and if you value a smooth experience we think they are better. 

The mobile apps are built well for iOS and Android, with some nice feature to help with logging in quickly, which you may need since each state has its own different app. 

7/10 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

SuperBook Sportsbook Banking & Payment Speeds

There are limited options for banking with SuperBook Sportsbook, but the withdrawal speed is actually pretty quick for the options available, though the lack of PayPal or another e-wallet for withdrawing money is a big downside. 


SuperBook Sportsbook offers a few different ways to deposit, including the popular e-wallet PayPal. Deposits are generally instant, with the exception of ACH which can take a couple of days depending on your bank, but is usually instant.

  • Play+
  • PayPal
  • PaySafe VIP Preferred/ACH
  • Credit/Debit Card


There aren't many ways to withdraw funds from SuperBook right now, but we expect PayPal to be added to the withdrawal list given the ease and popularity.

  • Play+ (Instantly into Play+ Account, then 1-2 days)
  • PaySafe VIP Preferred/ACH (3-5 days)
  • Credit/Debit Card (2-5 days)

SuperBook Sportsbook State Differences


  • Credit/Debit card for deposit only.


  • No credit cards, and debit card only available for deposit.

New Jersey

  • Credit/Debit card for deposit only.


  • No credit cards, and debit card only available for deposit.

There aren't too many ways to bank with SuperBook Sportsbook unfortunately, with the easiest method for both deposits and withdrawals being the Play+ Card. If you plan on using SuperBook a lot, applying for a Play+ card will make it quick and easy to move your money, but we would prefer PayPal to be available for both deposit and withdrawals. 

6/10 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

SuperBook Sportsbook Customer Support

SuperBook Sportsbook hits all the important customer service areas, with a few different ways to get in touch and an ok FAQ for more common questions. 

Phone: (844) 726-7264

Email: or contact form

The FAQ is the worst bit of the SuperBook support, but once you manage to figure out navigating the lengthy article titles and differences between states it does answer a lot of questions.

8/10 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

SuperBook Sportsbook Verdict

SuperBook Sportsbook is not a 'Super' book

Avery Hutchison

Avery Hutchison

As one of the first betting sites to launch in the US, SuperBook Sportsbook has quite a bit of experience in the industry, but overall falls short of many other competitors.

They feature a fantastic welcome offer that is certainly worth taking advantage of, but when it comes to the actual betting there are some limitations if you want to wager on niche sports from outside the US, or enjoy some more innovate betting features like Same Game Parlays.

If you missed anything in the SuperBook Sportsbook review, just click the links to jump back up the page:

Our overall rating of SuperBook Sportsbook is:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ 7/10

SuperBook Sportsbook FAQ

Where is SuperBook legal?

SuperBook Sportsbook is currently legal in:

  • Arizona
  • Iowa
  • Tennessee
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
  • Colorado

What is the SuperBook Sportsbook Bonus?

SuperBook Sportsbook currently offers new user up to $250 as a Bet Match. You'll get the bonus funds regardless of the outcome of your first wager, as long as you bet with odds of at least -200.

Does SuperBook Sportsbook have an App?

Yes! The SuperBook Sportsbook App is available on both Android and iOS downloadable directly from the app store and play store.

How long does it take to withdraw money on SuperBook?

Depending on how you withdraw funds, you can get your money almost instantly or will need to wait a few days:

  • Play+ (Instantly into Play+ Account, then 1-2 days)
  • PaySafe VIP Preferred/ACH (3-5 days)
  • Credit/Debit Card (2-5 days)

Can I use a Credit Card with SuperBook Sportsbook?

You are allowed to deposit funds into SuperBook with a Credit and Debit card in some states:


  • Credit/Debit card for deposit only.


  • No credit cards, and debit card only available for deposit.

New Jersey

  • Credit/Debit card for deposit only.


  • No credit cards, and debit card only available for deposit.


  • Credit/Debit card for deposit and withdrawal.


  • Credit/Debit card for deposit and withdrawal.

SuperBook Sportsbook review

SuperBook Sportsbook sign up bonus

up to $250 Bet Match

21+. AZ/CO/MD/NJ/OH/TN. New Customers Only. Promo Code required. Must place Qualifying Wager with odds of -200 or greater on the same day of signing up to receive bonus matching the bet stake up to $250. Bonus funds are applied as 25% of qualified cash wagers until exhausted, and only bonus fund winnings are eligible to be withdrawn. Unused bonus funds expire agter 30 days. Full T's & C's apply, visit SuperBook Sportsbook for more details.