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DraftKings Micro Betting: what it is and how it works

12 September 2022

DraftKings Sportsbook has entered into a multi-year deal with Simplebet to bring Micro Betting to their platform - here is everything you need to know about what micro betting is, and how it works!

DraftKings Micro Betting

DraftKings has entered into a multi-year agreement with Simplebet to provide micro betting markets on the NFL, NBA, MLB, and for the first time, college football. 

Alongside an already excellent DraftKings Sportsbook, micro betting adds a new facet for bettors to enjoy, and is one of the few real-money micro betting sportsbooks in the country. 

DraftKings Micro Betting

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Through their partnership with Simplebet, DraftKings Sportsbook has become one of the few options out there for bettors to enjoy micro betting, and it comes as part of one of the best betting sites in the country.

DraftKings Micro Betting is available for:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
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What is Micro Betting?

Micro betting is still a fairly new way to wager on sports, but it opens up a ton of possibilities for betting that focuses on small, individual events during the game. Unlike traditional wagers that let you bet on certain outcomes like score, player props, etc. - micro betting highlights individual actions like:

  • Play Outcome
  • Drive Outcome
  • Pitch Result
  • Next Basket Scorer

There are numerous other markets for Football Micro Betting, NBA Micro Betting, and MLB Micro Betting - but the premise is to engage bettors in a fast-paced and small-scale wagering system while the game is going on. 

Draft Kings Simplebet Micro Betting Markets

Odds for micro betting fluctuate very quickly as they are derived from previous plays and outcomes, as well as generally resetting for each subsequent event. For example, if you wager on an NFL game, and bet that the next play is a run - the following play will likely have slightly different odds depending on the outcome. 

DraftKings Simplebet

Following the partnership with DrafktKings Sportsbook, the CEO of Simplebet remarked that “these types of offerings represent the next evolution of sports betting and deliver enhanced opportunities for operators and fans alike." 

With the rapid acceleration of sports betting across the US, it's not surprising that the largest betting site in the country would be looking for new ways to get ahead, and the success of showcasing micro betting as a free game through FanDuel back in 2020 made it clear this was something bettors are keen to try out. 

How Popular is Micro Betting?

While it seems like a niche way to wager on sports, micro betting is an incredibly popular way to bet. Simplebet has proven its capacity to take in over $1 million during a single game, and as they expand into new sports this will only go up.

A major factor to why micro betting has exploded in the US the simply due to the fact that American sports are suited perfectly to in-play wagers that focus on individual events. Take the NFL for example, between each play there is a lull that creates a space for micro bettors to take advantage of. How many third-and-longs have you seen and known the QB was almost certainly going to pass? This is what micro betting was built for. 

DraftKings Micro Betting Sports Markets

By partnering with Simplebet, DraftKings has really opened up its micro betting offerings over the past year, bringing in new sports and additional markets for players to enjoy. They are even bringing out micro betting for College Football, which will be the first collegiate micro betting market in the country. 

Micro Betting by the Numbers

Jason Mancini

Jason Mancini

Micro betting opens up a ton of options to wager on - here is the breakdown from Simplebet for a single NFL game, with each 'market' referring to a chance to wager.

  • 2,320 markets per game

This is a pretty staggering amount of opportunities to bet for just a single game, but when you consider how drives, plays, and potential outcomes for each player it becomes a little more understandable.

Along with the rise in typical live betting, it makes sense that micro betting will be the next big thing. Who doesn't love being right when they predict the next play, score, or sack? Now you can make money by being correct.

DraftKings Football Micro Betting

Football is the most popular sport for micro betting, and the Draftkings Simplebet partnership has opened up more markets for the sport - with an emphasis on college football action.

  • Play Outcomes (yards, throw or pass, etc.)
  • Drive Outcomes (touchdown, field goal, turnover, etc.)
  • Team-Level Drive Outcomes (total yardage for the drive, etc.)
  • Player-Level Drive Outcomes (how many receptions will a player get, etc.)
  • Player Next Attempt Markets (how many yards will a player rush for on the next play, etc.)
  • Next Stat Markets (who will get the next reception, etc.)
  • Player Props (total stats for specific players)
Draftkings micro betting football

Example of NFL Micro Betting

To give you an idea of what a potential sequence of micro betting on an NFL game looks like, here is an example of a potential drive from the Kansas City Chiefs, showcased through 5 different micro bets, one per play:

  1. Play Outcome: 6-10 yards (KC Throws for a first down, correct wager)
  2. Player Next Attempt: Mahomes Rush 1-5 yards (sacked, incorrect wager)
  3. Next Stat Market: Travis Kelce next reception (next play 3 yard pass to Kelce, correct wager)
  4. Drive Outcome: Punt (correct wager following the completion of the drive)
  5. Play Outcome: 1-5 Yards (rush for 4 yards, correct wager)

While this is a hypothetical drive, micro betting opens up the possibility to wager on specific event like yards per play, player stats and more. Of course, the great thing about micro betting is there are many more markets than listed here - as we kept the example to one wager per play.

DraftKings Basketball Micro Betting

Basketball has grown for micro betting, and while it may not be as suited as football, there are still numerous markets in each games that you'll need to be quick with a wager to take advantage of.

  • Player Next Basket (what kind of basket will a particular player score next: 3-pointer, free throw, 2-pointer)
  • Next Scorer
  • Trip to the Line (how many free throws will be hit by a player: 0, 1, 2)
  • Player Props (points, assists, rebounds, etc.)

Example of Basketball Micro Betting

Basketball micro betting balances both the immediate results of a possession as well as highlighting particular players. You can place a couple of dozen micro bets each quarter, or just stick to following one player if you prefer, here is an example of a series of wagers on anhypothetical GS Warriors and Celtics game:

  1. Player Next Basket: Steph Curry 3-pointer
  2. Next Scorer: Jaylen Brown
  3. Player Next Basket: Jaylen Brown 2-pointer
  4. Trip to the Line: Andrew Wiggins 1 points

The constant end-to-end action lends itself very well to micro betting on basketball - but you'll need to be quick with your fingers to make sure you get your bets in on time for markets like next scorer!

DraftKings Baseball Micro Betting

Baseball is perfectly suited to micro betting, split into events from pitches and at-bats. Depending on the market you choose the prices can be adjusted after each pitch to effectively give an entirely new wager.

  • Plate Appearance Result - Exact (whether the plate appearance will result in a Single, Double, Triple, Home Run, Strikeout, Walk, or Other)*
  • Plate Appearance Result - Grouped (whether the plate appearance will result in a Hit, an Out, or Other)*
  • Plate Appearance Pitch Count*
  • Pitch Result

*the market is repriced after each pitch, meaning you can bet on the current appearance as it changes instead of waiting for a new at bat

Example of MLB Micro Betting

Micro betting on baseball is still quite dynamic, especially considering it is the only micro betting sport where odds refresh each pitch, meaning you can place multiple different bets on a single at bat! Here is an example of one hypothetical at bat with at least one wager placed for each pitch:

  1. Plate Appearance Exact: Strikeout
  2. First Pitch - Plate Appearance Pitch Count: 4
  3. First Pitch - Pitch Result: Strike (correct)
  4. Second Pitch - Pitch Result: Strike (incorrect, ball)
  5. Third Pitch - Plate Appearance Pitch Count: 5
  6. Third Pitch - Pitch Result: Strike (correct)
  7. Fourth Pitch - Pitch Result: Ball (correct)
  8. Fifth Pitch - Pitch Result: Strike (correct, strikeout)

As you can see from this example each pitch opens up a chance to wager, or re-wager. This example ultimately ended with a correct plate appearance, correct pitch count (when re-wagered following the second pitch), and four correct pitch results!

How to Micro Bet on DraftKings Sportsbook

Micro betting on DraftKings is easier than ever, with several sports offering the exciting new way to bet during the games. All you need to do is navigate to an eligible sport like football, basketball, or baseball while the game is underway, and you'll find numerous micro betting markets while the games are live.


Sign Up With DraftKings Sportsbook

If you want to start micro betting on DraftKings Sportsbook, the first step is to sign up:

In order to register with the sportsbook you'll need some general information like:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • SSN
  • Date of Birth
  • ID Verification

But once you've registered fully it will be time to start micro betting!


Find the Game to Wager On

DraftKings Sportsbook has all of the available micro betting markets available from Simplebet, including college football.

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball

All you need to do is select an eligible game and the micro betting options will be there for you to wager on!


Place a Micro Bet

When you choose the game you want to start Micro Betting on, you'll have a number of different markets to choose from each play, pitch, drive, or possession!

Micro Betting is very fast-paced, so you'll need to stay on top of both the betting site and the game you're enjoying - but once you get the feel for it you'll be able to wager on just about every possible outcome for each event in a game.

Micro Betting Tips

Micro betting can be pretty daunting if you're new, and even if you're used to live and in-play betting on DraftKings already, there are a couple things to keep in mind that will help you ease into this new betting style:

  • You don't need to bet on every market

It may seem obvious, but when you get into the betting screen there are a lot of markets to micro bet on - so focus on the ones you think you have a solid idea about. This will also give you more time to get used to the fast-paced nature of these small bets.

  • Understand the game

Being able to really understand the game and players will give you a huge advantage, if you've played football you may be able to anticipate a run or pass play - take advantage of your knowledge and the flow of the game. (third-and-long will probably be a pass...)

Best Micro Betting Sites

DraftKings Sportsbook is certainly our pick for the best micro betting site at the moment, but there are a few others that offer a similar selection of markets during games.

Best Micro Betting Sites

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  2. Now A Fanatics Experience

  3. Bet $5 Get $150 in Bonus Bets

Simplebet DraftKings - the next era of sports betting

The excitement around live betting and the newer micro betting is obvious given how many new markets keep popping up for a ton of different sports. DraftKings and Simplebet have partnered to take advantage of this and deliver a quality sportsbook for micro betting.

Draftkings micro betting is currently one of the best in the USA, and has the most available sports through their partnership with Simplebet. We expect the number of sports on this list to grow as this style of betting become more popular and accessible on the betting site apps. 

DraftKings Micro Betting FAQ

Does DraftKings Sportsbook have micro betting?

Yes, DraftKings is partnered with Simplebet to offer micro betting on:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball

You can find micro betting markets during the games, and wager while they are live.

How do I micro bet on DraftKings?

You can place micro bets on DraftKings Sportsbook during the game! On football, basketball, and baseball games micro betting markets will be made available when the game starts, with tons of new markets for each possible event outcome.

Is there a difference between micro betting and live betting?

While there is a lot of overlap between live betting and micro betting because they both happen during the game - micro betting focuses on small events through the game.

For example, with micro betting you can wager on the yards of the next NFL play, whereas live betting would likely limit you to who will score next, or who will have more points in the half.

What is Simplebet?

Simplebet is a betting company that provides the technology for micro betting to DraftKings. The partnership between DraftKings and Simplebet has opened up micro betting to football, basketball, and baseball - as well as college football.