Live betting

Live betting allows you to bet on a sporting event as it is happening. It is becoming increasingly popular in the betting world, especially as more betting sites are offering live streaming services - the perfect compliment to live betting.

Live betting

What is live betting and how does it work?

One of the most popular functions that betting companies currently offer is that of live betting. The service does exactly what it says on the tin: it allows the customer to place a bet at the same time as the match is being played. The popularity of live betting has resulted in betting companies doing their utmost to develop and maximise the demand for this service. Today, betting companies offer comprehensive statistics during the match which helps to increase your chance of being a winner. Some of the betting companies even give you the opportunity to live stream the match on their homepage, something that has become a huge success.

Live stream and in-play

The majority of customers that chose to live bet on a match do it at the same time as they follow the match live. Some of the betting companies have, for a number of years, managed to secure the rights to stream certain matches on their homepage. In order to be able to live stream, you will usually need some money in your account. Not only do certain betting companies offer the chance to watch the match live, they also offer the opportunity to follow the match in-play, which means that you get the live statistics. This type of information can be of great help when you are to make your choices. With the help of the in-play function, you can see, for example, which team has had the most attacks, shots or corners which should help to create an understanding of how the match is panning out.

Which sports can you live bet on?

Today, betting companies offer you a number of different sports and leagues you can live bet on. We, at Bookies Bonuses, believe it is important that you just live bet on sports that you have knowledge of. If you chose to live bet on a sport that you do not follow regularly, then we recommend that you find out as much information about the sport as possible, before you start a live bet. Below you will find a list of the most common sports that you can live bet on;

  • Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Handball
  • Floor hockey
  • Golf
  • Winter sports
  • E-sports

Golf is a popular sport to live bet on. Events can change quickly during a football or ice hockey match which leaves you vulnerable to a lag in the transmission or processing times.

Why should you live bet?

If you have attended a game or followed a match on TV or via a betting site, you will almost certainly have experienced a situation where you think you will know how the match will pan out. The live bet is an excellent alternative for those people who want to make their most of their knowledge of a particular sport. The majority of betting companies manage live odds manually which means that their view of the match will not always be in line with you think might happen. So make the most of you expertise and play with live odds that you think are misjudged.


Being at an event in person can give provide you with information that the betting companies are not privy to. It is is a great opportunity for live betting if you have a smartphone

Popular live bets

The range of different betting offers in live betting varies depending on how meticulously the match is being monitored. In most cases, the betting companies have a large range of games to choose between, but sometimes there will be a smaller selection of, for example, three matches to choose from. This is usually the case with matches in the lower division or in the less popular sports. In those matches that attract more attention, you will have more options available to choose between. Below is a list of the most popular live betting;

Live betting football

  • Next goal - Which team scores the next goal in the match
  • Goals in the game - How many goals will be scored in the game (over/under)
  • Number of corners - How many corners are taken in a game (over/under)

Live betting Ice hockey

  • Double chance - bet on 2 or 3 possible results
  • Goal in Power play - A team scores a point with a numerical advantage
  • Goal in Box play - A team scores a point with a numerical disadvantage

Live betting basketball

  • Match bet - Which team will win the match
  • How many points scored in a match (over/under)
  • Winning margin - How many points separate the teams at full time

Live betting tennis

  • Point winner - Who will win the next point
  • Total games in a set - How many games will there be in an ongoing set
  • Game winner - Who will win the next game
Malta Luxembourg

Malta vs. Luxembourg. The less popular fixtures are less likely to have a live betting option.

Using live streaming and statistics

Making the most of betting companies in-play and live stream functions is in your interest when you live bet.

If you have the opportunity to watch a match live, then you can combine your knowledge of the sport to create an even better understanding of how the match will develop.

If you think a team looks better than the odds on offer, then it might be the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise and place a live bet. If, for example, you see that the match has the potential to be physical, then maybe you can place a bet that there will be more than one yellow card in the match?

The optimal method of live betting is, as we have said, is to watch the match live, but if you don’t have access to this then we recommend you use the betting company’s service “in-play”. The betting companies continuously update their statistics in the majority of matches, this can include how many attacks a team has had, how many corners there have been and how many shots each team has had on goal. With this type of information, you should be able to get a pretty good idea of how the match is going.

Live betting - single betting or combination bets?

Placing a single bet live entails that you only place one bet. Odds on a single bet multiplies with each bet you chose to play and the total amount will be what you can potentially win.

Following more than one match can be difficult with sports where the game can change quickly. It is therefore to your advantage to concentrate on a single bet. However, if you want to increase your odds or simply have more games to bet on, you should place a combined bet. When you combine a few live bets with each other, then your odds will be multiplied in value with each match and the total amount will be your winnings.You can even combine one or a few live bets with matches that have not yet started.

Cash-out - Why should you close a bet?

Some betting companies offer the opportunity to close your bet whilst the match is still going on. This means that you can redeem your current bet before the match has ended. This function is used mainly so that the customer experiences a sense of uncertainty with his/her bet and will decide to use the option of reducing their potential loss and secure a part of their winning bet. The betting companies adjust the amount the customer will receive with how likely the bet is to win. This amount that is offered can be both higher or lower than the original bet you placed.

Close your bet automatically

Some gaming companies also have a function that makes it possible for the bet to close automatically. For this, you need to create your live bet and decide on an amount you will accept as a win. If your bet reaches this amount at any point during the game, your bet will close automatically.

Cash Out

Cashing out can be a good alternative if the match is not going as you predicted.

Advantages with live betting

  • Live betting is great for people who want to increase the suspense in a match. Betting on what team will get the next corner or throw will make any boring game become more interesting.
  • With live betting, you have the opportunity to create a picture of how the match situation is different from when you bet on a match in advance. An early red card can, for example, alter the setup of a match and increase the chance of winning.
  • When you live bet on a game, you can make the most of the different offerings that the betting companies offer before the match begins. Bet on the player that will win the next point in a tennis match or who will score the next point in an Ice Hockey game.
  • Betting on a live match gives you the opportunity to win money in an easier way than if you place a bet on a match you have already started.

Who knew corners could be made exciting?

Disadvantages with live betting

  • One of the risks with live betting is that customers will win back their money after a lost bet and this will make them act impulsively and less cautiously. We recommend that you always play carefully and that you analyse your bet before you live bet, in order to avoid losses.
  • Some of the live betting offers are really down to a lot of luck and very difficult to predict. For example, which team will get the next throw in and who will get the next free kick aren’t ever givens in a game.
  • It is necessary to do your due diligence before you place a live bet but at the same time, anything can happen during a match. We have blindly backed teams because of results or rankings, but in sports, anything can happen.
  • Closing a bet before the match is over, is a common thing for customers to do, something that betting companies profit from more than their customers. The fear of your team letting in a late goal or the uncertainty as to whether you team can turn the game around or not, can mean that you are less willing to hold onto your original bet and therefore accept an amount less than your original bet. Imagine you had closed a bet on the following match:

The best betting sites for live betting according to Bookies Bonuses


Bet365 offers its customers a large selection within live betting and you can live bet every week on a lot of different events. If you are a customer with Bet365 you can live bet on matches from some of the best leagues and tournaments from around the world, as well matches from lower divisions. Their goal service and statistics are of a very high quality which is the big plus.


A competitor to Bet365 when it comes to live betting is the Swedish company, Unibet. The company offers customers the opportunity to stream thousands of matches every year but when it comes to the selection on offer, they just can’t compete with Bet365, even if Unibet has a wider selection on offer than many of the other betting companies. Another reason why many people turn to Unibet for live betting is down to the simple design of their website which makes it easy for customers to find what they want to live bet on. Unibet was early in introducing the cash-out function, which quickly became a popular function amongst customers.


Mobilebet is one of the best betting companies when it comes to live betting from your mobile. They also offer a large selection of matches and bet forms which they report in a clear way. A drawback with Mobilebet, however, is that they often lack live streaming for matches and their limit is not as high as some of the other betting companies.