Live streaming using Betting Sites

In this guide, we will take a look at the different live streaming options for sports that betting sites have to offer. When the match you have bet on is not aired on TV, then live streaming can save the day.

Live Streaming

Live streaming

Live streaming is a web-based TV service that allows you to watch matches live on your computer, mobile or tablet for free. Following a match live whilst betting on it is the perfect way to enhance your betting experience.

Follow a match with the live stream and show how your knowledge of the sport can help you predict which team scores or creates the next chance. Aside from the fact that live streaming improves your chances of winning, it is also an opportunity to watch a whole match live, at no extra cost.

Don't underestimate how watching a team can give you an edge with your betting. Seeing the team's tactics unfold in a match can add to your statistical analysis and help you predict a realistic outcome.

But which betting sites offer live streaming? Which betting sites have the best live streaming service at the moment? And what do you need to do, to gain access to the betting sites live streaming?

The majority of betting sites today, require the customer to have money in his/her account or an active bet in order to stream a live match on their homepage. However, it is now possible to live stream, for example, football or ice hockey games from some of the best leagues in the world - even some matches that you wouldn’t be able to see on any other channel or service, even if you paid for them.

How do you live stream a match?

Today, betting sites offer you the opportunity to see matches and competitions from a selection of thousands of live events from their websites. You can, for example, live stream football from a number of Europe’s best leagues or follow a live stream ice-hockey match in the NHL or CHL. This service is a great way for companies to attract new customers as well as retain their old members, but the fact is that even if the betting sites run this service to earn money, you can still be a winner when it comes to live streaming.

Often, you only need a plus in your balance in order to get access to the live-streaming service and in return you get several thousands of matches that you can live stream. The majority of betting sites produce a weekly guide to help you keep track of what matches you can stream and when they are live. What sports and leagues are offered depends on what betting site you are using and we recommend that before you register at one, or a number of betting sites, you should know what each specific company offers for competitions/matches. Look for the sport or league you are interested in and create an account after that.

Betting sites select which matches are available to live stream in different ways, for example, with Bet365 you will see a small Play-symbol and with Unibet you should click on Unibet TV tab to see what matches you can live-stream.


Many NHL games are offered on live streaming services

Which betting sites offer a live stream service?

As we mentioned above, the majority of betting sites offer some form of live streaming. The selection of events on offer, depends on which betting site you chose. To be able to find which league or sport that interests you, we have selected a list of betting sites below that we believe offer the best selection of live streams.


Unibet also offers a huge selection of live streaming and is undoubtedly one of the biggest players within this area. If you are a customer with Unibet, you have the opportunity to follow the best tennis players in the world play in the ATP tours, ice hockey games in the NHL, matches in the UFC/MMA, or a number of matches in the football leagues, such as, MLS, La Liga, Eredivisie or the Bundesliga.


At Bwin, you can live-stream up to 2,000 sports events every month. As a Bwin customer you have the chance to follow smaller sports, such as squash or futsal as well as a selection of matches from popular sports.

Leo Vegas

As late as May 2017, Leo Vegas offers a live streaming service for its customers and if you are a registered customer you can stream up to 15 different football events. You can follow the Champions League & Europa League qualifications, international friendlies and the African Cup of Nations, amongst others. You can also live-stream tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball and ice hockey.

What do I need to be able to live stream?

In order to stream a game, you need to be logged into the betting site’s homepage, from a computer, mobile or tablet that is connected to the internet. You will need to have Adobe Flash Player and in some cases Java Script installed. When you live stream a game or competition, we recommend that you have access to a 3G or WIFI-connection, which will reduce the risk of bad picture quality or bad reception. Should your stream lag or stop during an event, you should try to restart your stream or the webpage. If the problem persists, you should check your internet connection and see if it is working as it should. In order to avoid complications with your live stream, your connection speed should be higher than 1MB/s. If you have a firewall active or another type of security program running at the same time, then this can reduce the quality of the stream, so if you experience problems with a stream always try switching off these programs.

Is a live stream live?

If you are live streaming an event, you should keep in mind that the match/competition has a delay of around 5-10 seconds. The event you see is live but it comes with a minimal delay of around 5-10 seconds. The better your internet connection, the less delay your stream will have. It is therefore important that you have the live stream delay in mind when you are live betting on a match. For example, if you are following a football game on a live stream and you want to put a bet on which team will take the next corner, then you must be aware that you might not know exactly where on the pitch the ball is at that exact moment.

Live streaming a match - Step by Step

  1. Take your computer, mobile or tablet and make sure you are connected to the internet - your internet connection needs to be at least 1 MB/s.
  2. Download the betting sites app - if you are using a tablet or mobile we recommend that you download the betting sites app.
  3. Create an account with one of the betting sites that offer live streaming - not all companies offer live streaming.
  4. Make a deposit - Your balance needs to be in the plus, alternatively, you can have a live game in order for you to be able to live stream a match.
  5. Find out what matches you can live stream - The betting site will mark matches that you can live stream with a certain symbol.
  6. Select a match - click on the specific match that you wish to live stream.
  7. Instal Adobe Flash Player and Java Script - if your device does not already have these programs.
  8. Complete - Now you can put your feet up and enjoy being able to live stream from the betting sites website.