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Champions League is the world's largest tournament for club teams. The tournament is arranged by UEFA and in 1992/1993 replaced the European Cup for master teams. Real Madrid is at the time of writing, the team that has won the most titles, a staggering 10 of them. Betting on the Champions League is naturally a popular option, since football is the world's biggest sport and the Champions League is the most prestigious club tournament of them all. The most popular form of betting is either what team wins or if there's a tie. Other popular forms of betting include over or under a number of goals in the match, another popular option is asian handicap.

We have made a whole separate page for Champions League where we gather news and articles related to the tournament. However, most importantly we gather campaigns, free bets and bonuses related to Champions League and it's matches. Most betting companies offer good campaigns for these matches and by visiting this page you can get a clear overlook and compare campaigns between different betting companies. For example, one campaign could be a risk free bet on a particular match or an odds competition where betting companies distribute prizes. You can find all the relevant information on each specific campaign by clicking on it.

In 1955, the predecessor to Champions League; The European Cup for master teams was launched. At the time, 16 clubs participated and in the finals Real Madrid beat the French opposing team Stade de Reims with 4­3. As a side note, Real Madrid is at the time of writing, the team that has won the most titles, a staggering 10 of them. The record for spectators in the tournament in both its past and present form was during the match between Celtic and Leeds United in 1970. A whooping number of 136 505 supporters turned up at Hampden Park to watch the semi finals.

The official Champions League­hymn, that we all know so well, was played in the 1992/1993 season. The composer is Tony Britten and it was performed by The British Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

The female equivalent to the UEFA Champions League is the UEFA Women's Champions League. This tournament began in 2001/2002.

Published: 2015-12-15

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